Factorio Compact Designs

Factorio Compact Designs

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Factorio Compact Designs

The neat and compact furnace setups for the starting phase in Factorio download game with the yellow belt, mid-game with the red belt, and end game with blue belt and beacons. There are designs that players can upgrade them easily. Aside from that, we also talk about the compact oil refinery setup for advanced oil processing, compact belts manufacturing facility, destroyer capsules, etc.

This guide is implemented with a single furnace setup. The name of the guide has changed from the furnace guide to general compact setups. New building ideas are also intended to add irregularly.

Furnace starting setup

It is a simple and compact smelting block which is suitable for the beginning of Factorio steam. It is able to liquefy a full yellow belt of ore and turn them into plates. Ore and coal will be input on the belts from the bottom right. You need to have a sidenote 26 electric miners to fill a yellow belt with ore. This design can be upgraded for mid-game when steel furnaces are available.

Factorio Compact Designs

Furnace midgame setup

This is the first example which is improved with steel furnaces and red belt. It can melt completely a full red belt of ore, which is the mining yield of 52 electric drills. Remember that on the lower right corner, the ore is moved in on the red belt and coal on the yellow one.

Factorio Compact Designs

If one of the options doesn’t make the transition to electric furnaces, you should use enough blocks to see the satellite launch. And you have to extract a larger scale.

Furnace endgame customizable block

For the large scale smelting at the late Factorio download game, you can use a neat, space-efficient, tileable, and module customizable electric smelting block. According to this, the block is centered at a substation powering 8 electric furnaces and 10 beacons that creating the bulk of the design. The ore will be fed through the lower belt. The completed plates will be deposited on the upper belt. When you melt enough blocks and or modules, the output belt will be compressed because of how the mechanics of dropping items on the underground belts runs.

Factorio Compact Designs

Oil Refinery

Oil Refinery is designed to refine incoming crude oil into petroleum gas applying the advanced oil processing and cracking recipes due to most of the recipes need gas. But, some of them just need heavy and light oil such as the lubricant, flamethrower fuel, and solid fuel. And so, the design has the output for them.

Factorio Compact Designs

It uses a large number of underground pipes to accomplish a compact design without making pipes become complex. This image contains the color coded the underground pipes so as to support recreating the plan. Crude oil is black, water is blue, heavy oil is brown, light oil is yellow and gas is white.

Factorio Compact Designs

Heavy and light oil are useful when pumps only provide the cracking processes if the storage tanks are excess. The pump is linked to the suitable tank with a red network wire. It allows you to maintain cracking factories in case there are +2,000 units of oil in the corresponding tank.

Factorio Compact Designs

If the factory needs a large demand for the lubricant, you can use the basic oil for it. This setup will take 10 crude oil per second and outputs like:

1 heavy oil per second -> 1 lubricant per second

4.5 light oil per second

5.5 gas per second or 9 gas per second if the heavy and light oil are cracked and they are not used for another manufacturing.

Speed modules can scale the production if all factories have the same speed modules.

Besides, you can use production modules to refine the oil. Level 3 production ones can reduce the intake from 10 to 7 crude oil units per second while the max gas output will only decrease from 9 to 7.5 per second.

Electronic circuit evolution

Basic green circuits in Factorio steam can be built at the start. They are very easily upgradable after that when you want to expand production. There are three stages of upgrade including basic setup, a red belt output, and a blue belt output.

A basic unit of circuit manufacturing should have three assemblers. This design will have four of the essential units around a central output underground belt. Iron ill be brought horizontally and copper will be moved vertically.

Factorio Compact Designs

Replacing the gray assemblers with blue one if there is not an image is a very simple step to improve. It can lift the output up to 12 per second and increase the material requirement up to a yellow belt of iron and 1.5 yellow belts of copper.  Next, you will be supplied a full red belt of circuits, 20 per second. It is done when:

  • Belts are replaced with red ones.
  • Inserters are replaced with fast ones.
  • Assemblers are removed with yellow assemblers and two level 1 speed modules each.

This stage has to have a full red belt of iron, a full blue one of copper and 9 MW of power.

Factorio Compact Designs

For the last stage, the output is a full blue belt of circuits, 40/s. Accomplish these steps:

  • Belts are replaced with blue ones.
  • The mid assembler in each basic unit must be cleared and replaced with a beacon.
  • Beacons are added to the empty positions.
  • 2x L3 speed modules in beacons
  • 4x L3 production modules in assemblers
  • Stack inserter is added between the wire and circuit assemblers.
  • The second fast inserter is added to each assembler putting in iron and copper.
  • The second fast inserter is also added to delete circuits from assemblers.

Factorio Compact Designs

The number of materials that the final phase will request includes 30 iron and 32 copper per second while the power consumption will increase to 26 MW.

Factorio Compact Designs

Electronic circuits compact

Place the design vertically to use beacons in the most effective way.

  • Output 40 circuits
  • Intake 30 iron, 32 copper
  • Power around 23MW

It will need the belt waving to obtain enough speed beacons in order to speed up assemblers. Drop circuits on underground belt areas to compress.

Factorio Compact Designs

Iron is on the red belts and copper is on blue. There are 3 modules in assemblers and speed 3 modules in beacons.

Factorio Compact Designs

Advanced Circuits

They look great with the easily upgradeable design for red circuits. They carry a yellow belt of copper plates along with a red one with plastic and circuits. The simplest design that has blue factories without modules will output 1.5 red circuits per second.

You can see many upgrades in the image below.

Processing units

Blue circuits in Factorio download require sulphuric acid and a liquid. Pipes are hidden. There is a red belt for the basic circuits together with a half of a yellow belt of enhanced ones. It can output 24 processing units per minute.

Factorio Compact Designs

The processing units will not consume a full red belt worth of green circuits. When the crafting speed increases over 2.5, the red belt will be consumed utterly. It should be upgraded to the blue one. For crafting speed 3.75, it will produce 120 units per minute when consuming a blue belt of green circuits.

Factorio Compact Designs

There is another remarkable example related to a priority on energy consumption. Double the used area and set different modules for turning an express belt of basic circuits into processing units so that the energy request is reduced from 7.7 to 2 MW.

Factorio Compact Designs

Destroyer Capsules

They are the compact design for destroyer capsules, which output 3 per minute.

Factorio Compact Designs

There are some important details that you can follow such as:

  • Inputs which using the yellow belt will split the belt of copper and steel at the top as well as divide the belt of the green and red circuits in the middle.
  • Inputs that using the red belt will split half belt of iron on the upper lane
  • The express belt which beginning at the purple circle can be constructed as the red one
  • The express underground that going north will stop the iron plates on the upper lane and switch the gears to the starboard side of what moving past the ammo factories.
  • Filter Inserter at the bottom right will carry distractor capsules along to an underground belt skipping under the speed module. The red belt for speed modules will be used in particular.

Laboratory block

The Factorio download version 0.15 will change the research system by rising up the number of different science packs from 4 to 6.

Factorio Compact Designs

In the following image, you can realize the belt weaving technique. There are many dissimilar colored underground belts to run multiple belts on the same line.

Factorio Compact Designs

Belt complex with drone delivery and obsolete belt upgrading

It can make all of the belt components at all speeds. It will deliver blue and red belts through drones. It will take in every yellow and some red belts from the network.

Some valuable information:

  • Gear factories will consist one fast and one stack inserter.
  • The design will have a belt ending at an underground.
  • Consider the limitation the permitted space in providing chests for blue undergrounds and splitters to take lots of materials.
  • The red and green network connections between each factory must be separate.

Factorio Compact Designs

The circuit connections will be displayed below:

Between yellow and red factories:

  • Requester chest between the yellow and red assemblers requiring every yellow belt from the network
  • The inserter that placing yellow belts in the requester chest will be linked to the chest having the red wire using condition Signal Everything less than 500. it means that the factory will work and build yellow ones to remain a buffer of 500 in case the trashed objects from the network don’t fill the chest to 500.

Between red and blue factories, there is an exciting setup that keeping a high amount of stock in a provider chest while it takes the material from the network.

  • Both inserters which interacting with the provider chest will be combined with the red wire to the requester chest.
  • The provider should be connected with the green wire to the inserter.
  • A requester chest will ask for a stack of belts.
  • Meanwhile, the inserter which setting into the provider chest will have their condition All less than 2,300
  • Inserter that taking the belt out of the provider chest will have a condition Everything equals zero

The requester chest in Factorio steam game can pick the red belts from the network, the trash storage or the provider right near it. The factory will make full the provider chest until the total belts in the provider and requester chests hit 2,300.

The setups between undergrounds and splitters are same.

Factorio Compact Designs

Inputs at the bottom left corner will have lubricant, blue, yellow belt of iron, half yellow belt of green circuits and half yellow belt of red circuits while the speed modules in the gear factories will be calculated for iron.

Factorio Compact Designs

If you’d like to use blue belts the circuit, the chest design between red and blue factories can be adjusted so that it will become similar to what between yellow and red ones. All of the canceled yellow and red belts can be upgraded to blues.

Examples and replies to comments

The end-game block is tiled so that the beacons can overlap between lanes. When they are fitted with level 1 speed modules, four blocks will be used applied to incorporate a blue belt. It takes two sets of four by five blocks to turn five blue belts of iron ore into one blue belt of steel.

Factorio Compact Designs

This is an example of 26 miners who are feeding when the game starts to set up. These miners are trying to drop their ore on underground belts to compress. It is as same as taking plates out of the furnace. It proves that the entire system is operating well.

Factorio Compact Designs

An image taking at close range of the red belt furnace setup shows the end of the design. The red belt is for ore and yellow is for coal.

Factorio Compact Designs

A very basic research block outputting 45 of every color pack per minute

Factorio Compact Designs

Many thanks for reading!

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