Factorio: Rails Signaling For Dummies

Factorio: Rails Signaling For Dummies

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Rails Signaling For Dummies

The Only Rule

If you are a new player in Factorio download game, you may want to escape from every issue related to struggling with the train signaling. Meanwhile, everything that you found in most of the releases guides just focuses on more advanced applications.

Don’t worry! It’s really simple. There is a basic rule that you need to master after you start to come to rails signaling.

“Place a chain signal going into a junction and normal rail signals on all of its exits”

You can take a look at the example that we will introduce to you next. As you see in the following image, you will realize a straightforward junction. Assuming that trains are able to go after the show direction, we should set a chain signal moving into the junction and rail signals on every exit. You have to remember that all of the signals in Factorio game will require being placed on the right-hand side of the rails when approaching the direction of the movement.

Factorio: Rails Signaling For Dummies

After that, it will look like this:

Factorio: Rails Signaling For Dummies

Next, we will refer a more complicated example of rails signaling in Factorio steam game. If the trains can move in every direction through the junction, you’d better apply the same rule: Chain signals going in, rail signal going out.

Factorio: Rails Signaling For Dummies

The Only Exception

The only exception to the rule is that when you leave any junction in Factorio online directly, you will be brought to another.

Technically, it is not an exception because you just obey Rule Number One again. It means that “Going into a junction, place a chain signal”. Therefore, you are recommended to put a chain signal once you want to leave a junction leading to another instead of a rail signal.

Here’s an example!

Factorio: Rails Signaling For Dummies

The rail signal which is shown in the red circle is replaced with a chain signal. After this, you can use the basic “rail signals on all exits” part of the rule.

In case you enter all directions through both of the junctions, it will end like this:

Factorio: Rails Signaling For Dummies


If you’d like to get signal crossings in Factorio steam game, it will operate in a similar way to junctions. However, you would only possess one normal signal leaving the crossing.

This is the image of a two-way crossing:

Factorio: Rails Signaling For Dummies

Now, you will become an expert on rail signaling! Hope you will share this guide with anyone who is searching for the information about rail signaling as well as for those who are confused about this trouble.

Thanks for reading!

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