Factorio: Videos, Gameplay, Tutorials, Release Overviews

Factorio: Videos, Gameplay, Tutorials, Release Overviews

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Factorio game is a fun-addicting base-building strategy game where players have to build up their life on the odd planets and join slashing wars against the wicked local aliens to defend their territories. Although the game is still in development by Wube Software, it already consists of various wonderful videos regarding gameplay, game mechanics, tutorials, and release overviews. These videos are extremely helpful, and they can show us how to get started when spawning in the game, particularly for those who are just beginners. There are some of the famous Youtubers presenting their videos and uploading them on Youtube channel so that players from around the world can have access to them for their experience. With these videos, players will have a chance to discover the in-game features, wonderful game mechanics and tips to tackle with dangers. Check out some of the videos below here!


The tutorial videos will show you the basic guides and other basic initial steps when you get into the game:

Release Overviews

These full-length videos will bring you lots of overviews toward the releases:


Let’s Play

So, are you ready to explore gameplays and game mechanics in Factorio? Hopefully, these videos below will bring amazing experiences to you!

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