How to install, make and submit mods

How to install, make and submit mods

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This article will show you the helpful way to install, make and submit Factorio mods. You can begin by following the information below.

How to install Factorio mods

After you download the mod you want, you can follow these options: Factorio Mod Manager and Manually

  • Factorio Mod Manager is a multiplatform Java app created by narrowtux . You can click here to learn more about the instruction in the forum . And you download the app at this address . It gives you a folder called “/fmm” in Factorio application directory . You copy the mod packs to “/fmm/” and the individual mods to “/fmm/default/”. Next, you can activate (or not) without adding or removing them from the folder.
  • Manually: You will copy the mods to “/mods” folder in the Factorio application directory.

How to make Factorio mods

Factorio mods are created in the LUA programming language.

  • You can click here to view much more about the way to install on the Wiki. This step by step guide includes full of preparation and resources, along with nine chapters. They instruct you how to create a mod and see it works. This instruction is pretty long. But it is very clearly and detailed for you to read and master. The first step you need to do is to decide what you will learn, and next stage is actually to learn. If you are here, make sure you are ready for this task.
  • The preparation and resources contain some basic warnings along with a few useful tips when modding.
  • Chapters consist of setting up, the items, recipes, entities, technologies, naming, and localizations, the Lua code, expanding the mod and finally improve it.
  • After you create the mod, you should publish it to the official Factorio mods subforum.
  • You are encouraged to release the source on Github ! It allows you save zipped releases .

How to submit Factorio mods

  • You should register an account first. Click here to start .
  • You will move to /mods/new to create a new mod. See here.

In case you submitted a Factorio mod to the forum, you will have the higher chance for the presence of the mod. If you want to claim or have the management, you can send your request with a PM in the forum to Zequez . And you will receive the management of those Factorio mods.

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