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5Dim mod

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5Dim mod

5Dim mod
Along with other mods, 5dim mod makes the Factorio game increasingly exciting. It’s available for players to download with the link below from now on! 5dim mod is known as the total conversion mod including a lot of interesting and new features together with graphics. 5dim mod has many modules. You can get them separately from the Factorio forum. Currently, 5dim has been being developing to create changes in the modules. Let’s follow and catch up the latest updates about this mod!

  • Factorio version:                    v0.12.x
  • Author:                                   odin_spain
  • Additional contributors:         McGuten;Odin_spain
  • First version:                          3.0.1 ()
  • Last version:                           3.0.1 ()
  • Source:                                    N/A
  • Forum URL:                           On the Factorio forums

Download link:                     http://5dimmod.com/download.php?where=factoriomods

All releases:

Mod version Factorio version File version Install this version Release date
3.0.1 0.12.x download.php Install 3.0.1 ()
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