HardCrafting – complex resource processing

HardCrafting – complex resource processing

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HardCrafting – complex resource processing


Factorio HardCrafting – complex resource processing mod helps you change the way to mine airon and copper. Thus, you can build bigger and more useful setups to collect iron or copper plates. However, you should remember that iron fields have return not only iron ore but also dirt, gravel and iron-nuggets. Copper have the same, too. In Factorio HardCrafting – complex resource processing mod, you can use the modern machines like Crusher, Pulverizer to gain the best ore. Or control Inscinerators to remove items that you never need again. You can watch the spotlight by FKOD Gaming: Spotlight at this link. [https://youtu.be/2K6qkV3YVNI]

  • Factorio version:      v0.12.x
  • Author:                      judos
  • First version:             0.3.7 ()
  • Last version:             0.2.6 ()
  • Source:                       http://github.com/judos/hardCrafting
  • Forum URL:              On the Factorio forums

Download link: https://github.com/judos/hardCrafting/releases/download/0.3.7/hardCrafting_0.3.7.zip

All releases

Mod version Factorio version File version Install this version Release date
0.3.9 0.12.x hardCrafting_0.3.9.zip Install 0.3.9 ()
0.3.8 0.12.x hardCrafting_0.3.8.zip Install 0.3.8 ()
0.3.7 0.12.x hardCrafting_0.3.7.zip Install 0.3.7 ()
0.3.6 0.12.x hardCrafting_0.3.6.zip Install 0.3.6 ()
0.3.3 0.12.x hardCrafting_0.3.3.zip Install 0.3.3 ()
0.2.7 0.12.x hardCrafting_0.2.7.zip Install 0.2.7 ()
0.2.6 0.12.x hardCrafting_0.2.6.zip Install 0.2.6 ()
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