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ModuleInserter is the new Factorio mod that has the latest v0.1.33 released on 19 March 2016. ModuleInserter mod includes a setup for machines, mark the area and supervise the hard work of your Pocketbots. Modules are taken from the inventory. You can use the fake entity to make bots fly to the machine. It is put into the inventory. Therefore, it only works once you own an individual roboport and a few free slots in the inventory. When you mark an area with ghosts, it will clear them. You should wait until all of the ghosts are completed.

  • Factorio version:        v0.12.x
  • Author:                       Choumiko
  • First version:              0.1.34 ()
  • Last version:               0.1.34 ()
  • Source:              
  • Forum URL:               On the Factorio forums

Download link:

All releases:

Mod version Factorio version File version Install this version Release date
0.1.34 0.12.x Install 0.1.34 ()
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