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Swarm is one of the latest Factorio mods can break the larger biters and spitters and launch a lot of small enemies on death. For example, when you kill a medium biter, you will need to solve all other biters that come out from the medium corpse. And you will meet the same situation like that. Spawners will release many opponents once they are destroyed. From now on, you must pay attention much more when wiping out the other’s base because you can face with huge monsters after each battle.

  • Factorio version:        v0.12.x
  • Author:                       Supercheese
  • First version:              1.0.1 ()
  • Last version:               1.0.0 ()
  • Source:                        http://github.com/Suprcheese/Swarm
  • Forum URL:               On the Factorio forums

Download link:


All releases:

Mod version Factorio version File version Install this version Release date
1.0.1 0.12.x file.php Isntall 1.0.1 ()
1.0.0 0.12.x file.php Isntall 1.0.0 ()
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