Tanks! for Bob!

Tanks! for Bob!

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Tanks! for Bob!

Tanks for Bob
Tanks! for Bob! is the Factorio mod adding research and new vehicles. Players use this Tanks! for Bob! mod to destroy biters while controlling the tank. Tanks are balanced for you to enjoy “Bob’s Enemies” and “Natural Evolution Expansion” mods. You can play Factorio game in a map with fewer resources and more alien bases. Remember that tanks are not overpowered as you think. The evolution rate reaches over 80%, and you can feel the burn. Let’s download and enjoy it for free!

  • Factorio version:                    v0.12.x
  • Author:                                   LCruel
  • Additional contributors:         KonAir
  • First version:                          1.3.2 ()
  • Last version:                           1.3.2 ()
  • Source:                                    http://github.com/LCruel/tanks_for_bob
  • Forum URL:                           On the Factorio forums

Download link:

All releases:

Mod version Factorio version File version Install this version Release date
1.3.2 0.12.x tanks_for_bob_1.3.2.zip Install 1.3.2 ()
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