Factorio 0.15.11 Released

Factorio 0.15.11 Released

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Factorio 0.15.11

Minor features

If the train of the Factorio download game stops at their place, a circuit network signal will be sent with a unique number for it.Factorio 0.15.11 Released


  • The headless server option –server-id has been added in order to help you specify the custom path to the server ID file.
  • The minimum custom UI scale is increased from 50% to 80% so as to avoid scaling difficulties.
  • The zoom level that the map uses to switch from the map view to the world view is risen up.
  • The first level of the unlimited researches is not necessary for the tech Maniac achievement.
  • The game will default to lower the sprite quality on computers having less than 2.5GB RAM.
  • Tweaked the rocket launch GUI. It means that it will not show the result inventory slot when it is empty. That assists you to keep away from being confused when you or others put the satellite in.
  • The zoom-to-world-outside-coverage debug option is deleted due to it caused many matters.
  • The “create specialized sprite atlases” option is added to the graphics settings. If you check it, tile and shadow sprites will not be input separated sprite atlases instead of the main one. It should supply more rooms for the graphics driver to make the requested sprites fit the graphics memory.
  • The “atlas texture size” option is added to the graphics settings. The larger atlas texture can be more appropriate to sprites into single atlas reducing CPU load when rendering. However, smaller ones are more likely to fit into VRAM and reduce GPU load when furnishing.


In the new patch that we introduce, you will be able to get a large number of bugfixes which help improve the quality of Factorio multiplayer game. You can take a look at the following collection.

  • First, fixed the nuclear reactor and centrifuges bugs which were not put into the toolbelt automatically
  • Next, the way that the heat pipes run is modified. Especially, the change will make it work the same regardless order of build.
  • The issue of click-and-drag interaction logic which did not operate for trains is fixed.
  • Besides, the ranged-based research info in the technology icon is fixed.
  • Fixed the problem that not all of the items were removed in the transport belt madness campaign
  • The trouble browsing games table that was not compatible after changing the size is fixed.
  • Fixed the achievements which should not be unlocked when you replay a game
  • The supply challenge level requirements are upgraded.
  • Fixed the bug that fluids consumed or generated by boilers would not show in the production stats
  • Fixed the point where pasting very large strings did not start on Linux
  • Fixed naming convention of the transport belt madness campaign levels
  • Fixed the bug of copy-paste with containers thus they can copy the inventory size limit accurately
  • The progress bars in the lab of Factorio download game that would not display unerringly in many situations is fixed.
  • Achievements will not be unlocked anymore by playing multiple games where you would spend less than 50% of the time online.
  • Fixed the blueprint renaming textbox when it closed each time you finished crafting
  • core/backers.json is included in the core data CRC. From that, the different content of that file will be explored in the right way when you engage a multiplayer game.
  • Fixed the bug that loader filters would not be saved in the blueprint string
  • Tinted the gas color with the fluids \’flow_color\’
  • The wave defense crash where a silo died while nobody joined is fixed.
  • Fixed the \”confirm and download\” button in the sync-mods-with-save when it would not restart Factorio download game once downloaded mods
  • Fixed the construction robots that could be stuck when trying to repair curved rail perpetually
  • The technology cost tooltip description now can scale correctly.
  • Fixed and make the /help command, where running from the server console would always output the server commands list, become better
  • The strange behavior occurring when a train had the same station in the list multiple times without any valid station is fixed.
  • Fixed the crash when dying with some GUI opened
  • Fixed the rail signals stuck reserved when mining or building rails in a few setups
  • Desync, when pumps were established to pump into the output of an assembling machine, is improved.
  • The final challenge of a formula based research that would give the wrong name when being researched is fixed.
  • The crash where achievements window was opened to maximize the game is fixed.
  • Fixed the bother when switching the weapon while you were firing in the tank would keep you playing the previous weapon’s sound
  • The productivity value in the miner description can contain the researched bonus.
  • The inserter sending a signal two times during fast replace is fixed.
  • The crash that sometimes happened when you or somebody left while the other was joining is fixed.
  • The hard concrete item description is adjusted.
  • You will not encounter the situation in which some the f sliders in the new match settings are not controllable by the scrollbar.
  • Fixed the recipes that come with long names would extend out of the tooltip GUI
  • Fixed the keyboard input that would be blocked in the tutorial if the console was not closed when you participate in the tutorial
  • The bug when robots could deliver the wrong number of modules during the roboport blackouts is fixed.
  • Fixed the freezing case in the Factorio download game if there was not any valid spot to drop the item on the limited size maps
  • Fixed the fire that would not pollute in some events
  • Fixed the delete-blueprint button that would indicate when it did not work as the truth
  • Fixed the error that resource scaling leading creating a too large amount to store in the entity


  • Fixed the problem happening when the generator power output was always based on the heat capacity and the default temperature of the water
  • Fixed the logistic and construction radius visualization sprites when they would ignore tint


  • Setting technology::researched did not research all of the levels in Factorio multiplayer game of a formula based one is fixed.
  • Fixed the issue that it was possible to add the GUI element with the same to the same parent name more them once
  • The custom camera widget which could not provide the right entities when you switched the surface that it was giving is fixed, too.
  • The problem where LuaTrain::schedule would let an invalid current schedule record operate is fixed.
  • “LuaEntityPrototype::mining_speed, mining_power, energy_usage, max_energy_usage, normal_resource_amount, infinite_depletion_resource_amount, attack_parameters read” is added.
  • Aside from that, you can find many additions related to: LuaLampControlBehavior::color read; LuaRailSignalControlBehavior::red_signal, orange_signal, green_signal, close_signal, read_signal, circuit_condition read/write; or LuaEntityPrototype::mineable_properties fluid_amount, required_fluid, mining_trigger, effectivity, consumption, friction_force, braking_force, tank_driving, rotation_speed, turret_rotation_speed, guns, speed, speed_multiplier_when_out_of_energy, max_payload_size, energy_per_move, energy_per_tick, max_energy, min_to_charge, max_to_charge properties, and building_grid_bit_shift.
  • Not only that, you will soon realize the appearance of LuaBurner::fuel_category read along with LuaBurnerPrototype, LuaControl::mine_entity(),LuaEntity::text read/write, or read/write support for flying text color through LuaEntity::color.
  • The list will stop there when Factorio download game possesses LuaTrain::get_fluid_count(), get_fluid_contents(), remove_fluid(), insert_fluid(), and clear_fluids_inside();LuaGameScript::check_prototype_translations() – a way to inspect if the expected prototypes have the valid translation.
  • Finally, LuaEntityPrototype::mineable_properties \”miningtime\” -> \”mining_time\” and \”miningparticle\” -> \”mining_particle\” is adjusted to be suitable to Factorio game.

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