Factorio 0.15.12 Released

Factorio 0.15.12 Released

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Factorio 0.15.12 Released


  • It’s less aggressive when you zoom in or out the map and the world in Factorio download game with the mouse wheel!
  • You can drag by using Ctrl + left click in order to fast entity transfer if you are trying to insert or extract the item.
  • The deconstruction planner “trees only” filter to “trees/rocks only” is modified.
  • The lab speed info in the description will include the researched speed bonus.
  • It’s available for you to detect the sprite quality defaults to High when it is at least 2.7 GB RAM instead of 1.7.
  • Aside from that, you can do that with video memory usage defaults to All when at least 1.5 GB VRAM.


  • The statistics window of Factorio multiplayer game like electric/ production/ kills will change the direction to move and stay away from being partially offscreen.
  • Fixed the bug that keypad “/*-+, enter and delete” were not usable in the text box if they are assigned to the controls
  • Fixed the issue that power poles could be created at any distance by mining click-and-drag
  • Fixed marking underground belt output for the deconstruction that would not block inputting from pushing more objects into the appropriate part
  • Fixed “Read Stopped Train” checkbox that would not show the correct value
  • The entities with a burner energy source that would indicate the wrong power consumption are fixed.
  • Fixed the production achievements that could not be acquired
  • Issues that related to achievements such as raining bullets, logistic network embargo, and much more when were not marked as gained properly are fixed.
  • The productivity bonus on mining drills even they do not get any effect on them will be shown.
  • GUI shortcuts that did not work when colliding with other ones are fixed.
  • The electric network visualization on the chart that showed the electric pole from other surfaces is fixed.
  • Fixed the bug that non- ASCII input was not possible on Linux
  • Fixed the error when loading a save that including a folder contained only the subfolders without files
  • Fixed the issue where swinging axe when you attacked might spawn mining particles of a tree or a resource patch nearby
  • Fixed signals built by robots on the location that did not match the suggested direction
  • Fixed X11 focus events
  • Fixed trains that would not leave the disabled station when the next stopping place in the schedule was the same
  • Fixed the train stops in Factorio download game that would not import as string appropriately
  • Fixed requester chests that would give numbers larger than 2,147,483,647 as negative values
  • Fixed logging in with the email in updater set the username to the own email address


  • The electric boiler that did not work is fixed.
  • Fixed the Int mod setting error display message that would not show the upper limit in a way that is true


  • Fixed the problem when cloning Factorio multiplayer blueprint books that could not copy the label or the active index
  • Fixed the issue that inoperable entities could not be rotated
  • LuaItemStack::trees_only to trees_and_rocks_only is changed.
  • LuaEntity::loader_type write together with LuaFlowStatistics::on_flow() are added.
  • Fixed the trouble of Lua documentation for DeciderCombinatorParameters and CircuitCondition
  • Fixed the bug that passing invalid arguments to LuaGame::take_screenshot would cause desync
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