Factorio 0.15.13 Released

Factorio 0.15.13 Released

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Factorio 0.15.13

Firstly, we will mention to changes in Factorio download game.


  • From now on, most of the GUI elements will only work with the left mouse button. Therefore, the other keys might be used without necessity with GUI.

Next, bugfixes will bring to the player a better experience when playing the game.


  • Fixed the issue that biters would sometimes attempt to strike indestructible entities
  • Fixed the bug that removing the blueprint label could make the GUI give out the previous label
  • Fixed the individual laser defense item shooting at the player in vehicle would attack them instead of the transport
  • Fixed the edit label button on the blueprint books located in the library could become hidden the delete button
  • Fixed the problem missing space after timestamp in the server console output messages which did not include tag
  • Fixed the issue that the blueprint library of Factorio steam game did not bring up to date blueprints stores in books
  • Fixed what reach-distance checks for the curved rail only tested against one end of the rail
  • Fixed the bonus GUI display values when the bonuses were overruled
  • Fixed the trouble that the auto launch settings of the rocket silo were not saved in the blueprint
  • Fixed the beta campaign level 2 that would inform an error for migrated save games
  • Fixed the locked belts in the demo campaign level 3
  • Restricted the programmable speaker notes and instruments
  • Fixed the mining drill window that was located again to the center each time it changed to another resource
  • Fixed the fluids or the virtual signals in the blueprint library that could not migrate exactly between the differently modified saves
  • Before the next Factorio version, the game did not keep track online the time of the players. And, this caused that games which altered from pre 0.14 could stop them from obtaining achievements until they spent enough time in-game once more. Thus, for the single player games, the online time will be reset when transitioning to the 0.15.13 release in order to get the full time of the map.
  • Fixed the bonus progress of assembling the machine that would not set differently when the recipe was taken another instead of by using Copy Paste, it could be mined to receive extra free costly items.
  • Fixed the crash in which loading modded saves that utilized the flamethrow-explosion entity type
  • Fixed the performance matters when constructing the rail involved with the large rail sections and chain signals
  • Fixed the bug of the desync that related to the train
  • Fixed the blueprint library when it would not use the Open Item GUI keybind
  • Fixed the erroneousness in the mod locale that would show in the log file without giving the standard mod-error GUI
  • Fixed the turret’s view did show turrets from other surfaces
  • Fixed the silo script did not prove the accuracy of the item on configuration changes
  • Fixed the tightspot level 5 that provided the wrong recipe unlocked
  • Fixed the bug that could convey the object and break the transport belt madness
  • Fixed the crash when you tried to load the corrupt blueprint-storage.dat.
  • Fixed the map that was not modernized in the correct way when the tile editing ended up changing the other tiles in the dissimilar chunk
  • Fixed the collision when loading the modded saves containing specific artifacts with no any mod
  • It’s possible for you to open up many circuit network connectable entities while holding the copper wire!
  • Fixed the crash happening when you closed Factorio download game’s window in Browse Games/Play on LAN GUI
  • Fixed the bonus progress bar of the furnace that ceased to be visible when the smelting was not in progress
  • Fixed the situation changing the recipe in the furnace that did not put back the bonus progress bar
  • Fixed the selection box of rotated storage tank that was not doing the rotation in the proper method

Factorio 0.15.13 Released


  • The electric energy sources can help effectively
  • Fixed the crash when mods add more values to data.raw incorrectly
  • Fixed a few entities applying the heat energy source types that would not combine to the heat pipe accurately when they were rotated
  • Mod settings will let you have the mod display name
  • Making mod startup settings not similar will launch the on_configuration_changed event when it is appropriate.
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  • Fixed crash in Factorio steam when you used game.take_screenshot and deleted the surface
  • Fixed the old train’s ID that would not be contained in some states during the on_train_created event
  • Fixed the crash that registered negative event ids
  • Fixed the force.reset_technology_effects() that didn’t keep researched technology and saved technology progress
  • Fixed the disturbance in LuaEntity::neighbours return format to match the docs\
  • Fixed LuaPlayer::mine_entity() coming back imprecisely when mining the supplied entity
  • Altered create_entity ‘item-request-proxy’ “modules” so as to take the same format as LuaEntity::item_requests
  • Changed LuaSurface::freeze_daytime() into freeze_daytime read/write
  • Cleared LuaPlayer::cursor_position
  • Added LuaEntity::proxy_target read – the target an item-request-proxy
  • Added LuaEntityPrototype/LuaEquipmentPrototype::electric_energy_source_prototype read.
  • With LuaEntityPrototype::fluid_usage_per_tick, maximum_temperature read, target_temperature.
  • And LuaForce::get_saved_technology_progress() and set_saved_technology_progress().
  • Finally added LuaFluidPrototype::gas_temperature read.
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