Factorio 0.15.14 Released

Factorio 0.15.14 Released

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Factorio 0.15.14

There are many problems that you can find out the reasonable solution right in the current Factorio version. Firstly, we will mention one remarkable improvement.


  • Make the most effective use of the beacon update times that allows particularly when the power has not enough as well as rise and fall irregularly in amount.

Besides, you will have the chance to witness plenty of amazing changes in Factorio steam game.


  • The support for utilizing the username and the password for Proxy connections is added.
  • Meanwhile, the technology sorting is changed. Thus, every science pack’s type will affect the order, not only the most expensive one.
  • The leading and trailing white spaces will be arranged and trimmed from the host name or the IP address that accessed Direct Connect multiplayer dialog.
  • The electric network info window will display all of the connected entities in the list and the graph even they have not any consumption or production. So, the count of entities that linked to the network will be shown even if they do not consume or produce.
  • The electric pole having nothing in the consumption and in the production will just give out the empty electricity graph.
  • Aside from the optimization and changes, Factorio download game will receive several bug fixes.

Factorio 0.15.14 Released


  • The Enter key is treated in a regular way.
  • Buttons that are located apart from the inventory or recipe or the crafting queue with the item selection slot will behave in a particular process on the mouse click instead of moving the mouse down.
  • The mining drills that continued to insert into other entities when they were transported away are fixed.
  • The right click and drag in the blueprint setup GUI that did not run to delete some items from the blueprint are fixed and improved.
  • The blueprint icons that you could not remove them by using the right click is fixed.
  • The right-clicking objects in the crafting queue that did not engage to clear 5 is made better.
  • The problem of the window that created slightly the off-screen on some certain resolutions is modified.
  • The issue related to setting again the edit field for a blueprint book when the bot moved the artifacts to the player is solved.
  • The inserter facing north that was slower when it was compared to other directions is dealt.
  • The bug of the Solaris achievement that missed the usage of the steam-turbines is not a problem anymore.
  • The trouble of establishing the logistic requests that did not activate in the map editor is fixed.
  • The crash caused after you dropped a blueprint into a book in the library is put correctly.
  • The loading blueprint library from the previous release, 0.15.4, that night crash is ameliorated.
  • The situation involved with the crash when changing the rail system while the signals were disconnected from the books is presented with a proper resolution.
  • Provide to Factorio download game the method to cope with the issue of furnaces and assembling machines that could not rotate with the heat pipe connection.
  • The crash happening when the game was loading with an error in a mod is fixed.

Finally, we will talk about modding and scripting of Factorio steam game.

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  • Reading LuaCommandProcessor::commands when one of the supporting keys became empty, is upgraded.
  • The bug that disabled mods could make the mod event order different is puzzled out.


  • Changing force of the lab ghost that caused desync is enhanced.
  • LuaCustomGuiElement type “text-box” is added
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