Factorio 0.15.15 Released

Factorio 0.15.15 Released

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Factorio 0.15.15

There are many changes in the new release of Factorio steam game, including bug fixes and other information related to scripting. Firstly, we will explore the solution for problems occurring during your combat.


Fixed the crash that caused the desync which involved loading the previous update, 0.15.14, save with beacons marked for an analyzing method with no resaving it
Fixed the issue in which the spawners could sometimes stop generating units when they were polluted
Fixed a serious trouble where changing assembling machine recipe
Fixed the crash happened after you chose a button in the tech tree
Next, we will move to the answer to scripting in Factorio download game.


Fixed the matter of crash when you operated the smoke entity through create-entity trigger effect
Added Entity::update_connections. It will help you improve the connection of the loader and beacon to entities that might have been transported across space and distance out or in right away. The result can contain much more later.

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