Factorio 0.15.16 Released

Factorio 0.15.16 Released

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Factorio 0.15.16 Released

Factorio 0.15.16

There are many bugfixes in Factorio download game, including:


  • Fixed the problem with the Back button that did not work in the save-game GUI
  • Fixed the Cancel switch that would not activate in the user-login GUI
  • Fixed the map editor item or inventory buttons that got trouble in working
  • Fixed beacons that would shake in the blueprint
  • Fixed a few crashes happening when clicking other different buttons
  • The enemy spawners will set again the pollution that they are affected and turn it into zero when a save coming from the previous version is loaded.
  • Fixed the problem that avoiding an extreme temporary spike in a difficult situation occurring after you loaded a save with several spawners influenced by an issue in the former update
  • Fixed the market GUI that did not bustle
  • Fixed the crash where the pollution hits immoderately far chunk
  • Fixed the power bars glitch in the electric network statistics dialog


  • Temporarily returned the GUI interaction changes presented in 0.15.13 and 0.15.14. Some GUI elements in Factorio steam game will only match the left mouse button.


  • Fixed the issue of setting LuaGuiElement::elem_value that could expect the elem_type to be “item” always
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