Factorio 0.15.17 Released

Factorio 0.15.17 Released

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Factorio 0.15.17

There are pretty several hitches in Factorio steam game needed to be solved.


  • Do not change the normal resolution inserters and ones in the high resolution!


  • Fixed a few inconsistencies existing in the programmable speaker GUI
  • Fixed the bug that the headless mode removed controls section of the config file
  • Fixed the issue that detached roboports, for example, after the blackout, did not set again the circuit network readings on the number of current robots
  • Fixed the problem that the active blueprint/deconstruction-planner selection would not reset once you switched between the game and the map
  • Fixed the AltGr behavior along with other unique characters
  • Fixed the trouble where the mining bar could purloin the mouse focus
  • Fixed the matter of the /evolution command that would flood down while showing the negative pollution values
  • Fixed the crash in which the mod list failed to save when you determined to exit Factorio download
  • Fixed the game when it couldn’t keep safe all when it created the preview picture unsuccessfully
  • Fixed the desync which is involved with driving vehicles
  • Fixed inessential quotes in the programmable speaker note translations
  • Fixed the case that the bonus GUI could not be relevant to a large number of the modified content
  • Fixed the crash occurring when you shut the publish server
  • Fixed the filter inserters that their filter in the tightspot campaign disappeared
  • Fixed the empty space that could become rendered if you did not find the icon in the font
  • Fixed the error of resizing Factorio download game’s window when it caught up after taking part in a multiplayer match could go way from the map with a blank
  • Fixed the desync when disconnecting one wire color of an entity that combined with two others
  • Fixed a multiplayer crash that happened when a person withdrawn from the battle while they were putting a load the blueprint library and rejoined the same server
  • Fixed that stopped spawners from spawning
  • Fixed Factorio steam game’s issue that failed whilst it was packing if the max size of the texture was too low

Factorio 0.15.17 Released


  • Changed the position of the “mod-settings.json” file – It can inhabit in the “mods” subfolder that lets it properly manipulate the mod-directory command line option.
  • Added the assistance for the virtual-signal migrations
  • Everything must be done correctly if inserters require the inserter prototype property “allow_custom_vectors” before you are allowed to place down custom pickup/drop locations in Factorio steam
  • Moved the font paths from locale cfg to locale info.json
  • Altered the default value of the hand_length in inserter prototype to 0.75 so as to make inserter shadow look more enjoyable
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  • Fixed crash when transporting in an instant the character entities at the moment they were staying in their vehicles
  • Fixed the bug of character.character_maximum_following_robot_count_bonus that would not be effectual
  • Fixed /help for Lua commands that could not substitute the parameter in the correct way
  • Added LuaEntityPrototype::resource_categories, fluid, and pumping_speed read along with LuaEntity::previous_recipe read
  • Put together LuaEntityPrototype::stack/allow_custom_vectors read with Factorio game
  • Made LuaEntityPrototype::speed different in order to begin for rolling stocks.
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