Factorio 0.15.19 Released

Factorio 0.15.19 Released

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Factorio 0.15.19

There are several changes in Factorio download game connected to the information about the graphics, the modding and scripting along with bugfixes.


  • The alarm sounds are added to the programmable speaker.
  • The fullscreen is now on by default.
  • Also, the locomotive snaps to the train stop when you put down the first locomotive next to that stop.
  • The automation and the fluid wagon research have been altered so that it will not be able to have multiple science packs for each unit anymore.
  • –start-server-load-scenario is possible to put a load for the scenarios that made provision for a mod. For example, –start-server-load-scenario base/wave-defense will keep a supply of the wave-defense scenario from the base mod.

Factorio 0.15.19 Released


  • The icon of the automation research in Factorio steam game is changed. It will not make you confused with the logistics one.
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  • Fixed the issue that the demolished transport belt would leave the zombified items in the contiguous tile
  • The problem of the inserter zombification at the rail junctions is fixed.
  • The visual seams on the map or the mini-map are improved.
  • Fixed the bug of the gate over rail that could be rotated
  • The GUI size troubles with the logistic networks GUI are solved.
  • The headless server that did not shut when it was failed is fixed.
  • The false force color mask on the capsule projectiles receives the proper solution.
  • The crash, when modifying the controller of the player while they are using a vehicle with the god controller, is fixed.
  • The crash that caused by manually disable units is worked out.
  • The situation that exporting the blueprint would not respect the filter options in the setup GUI is puzzled out.
  • The selection-by-typing in list boxes that could operate many usual actions in Factorio download game will appear in a better way.
  • Adding stops to a train that changed the contemporary station is ameliorated.
  • The search text that did not set again after you left the browse-mods GUI is upgraded.
  • The mods-load-error GUI that ended up too large to adapt to the screen has been fixed.
  • A crash where you can get some matters with “save/quit/reconnect” window after you lost the connection with a sever no longer harass you anymore.
  • Crashes that unsuccessfully locked the bitmap are enhanced.
  • The rail preview that was provided under other entities is more effective.
  • The message box in the main menu of Factorio game that could not react gets a new renovation.
  • The bug of trains that hesitated on the very short paths is removed.
  • The flamethrower stream that could knock down trees incontinently does not exist.
  • Some info that missed from the generator entities is fixed.
  • Factorio download game that could append Linux after pasting a string when the clipboard was not full will not cause any trouble once more.
  • Creating research quests that you could not finish in the team production scenario is refined.
  • Fixed clicking escape whilst your battle was linking to the game could bring to you unexpected cases as the normal menu was not closed – Getting out of that state while connecting will carry out the connection instead.
  • Fixed the productivity bar in the mining drill that did not give out sometimes
  • Fixed the blueprint book GUI in Factorio download game that would not extend vertically when it could
  • Fixed incompatible hang font color on the buttons and the dropdowns
  • Fixed the train that faltering with the deactivated stations in the own schedule
  • Fixed the case that you could not connect wires at any distance
  • Fixed the icon that was used to render coal held by construction robots
  • Fixed the headless server on macOS that was stuck in the background
  • Fixed the attempt that you applied to emend the edition for a blueprint label for the second time, which could show the original before you implemented any correction
  • Fixed –start-server-load-scenario that didn’t permit any error when the specified scenario could not be explored
  • Fixed robots that left the artifacts on the ground when forming ghosts in some circumstances
  • Fixed the train GUI size when at the time that the fuel tab was cleared because it got rid of reach
  • Fixed the inaccuracy that blacklisting tile ghosts in the deconstruction planner did not boot


  • Fixed the fluid wagon that should not supply the equipment grid when another was attached through mods
  • Fixed the worry about loading the item-with-tags item type


  • Fixed set_command with an empty list of commands that could result in crash Factorio steam game
  • Finally, added LuaTechnology::level write support for level-based technology
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