Factorio 0.15.20 Released

Factorio 0.15.20 Released

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Factorio 0.15.20

Factorio download is a cool game where you can prove your ability by building and maintaining factories. There are a lot of various tasks for you to complete such as mining resources, researching technologies, creating infrastructure, or automating the own production and fighting against dangerous creatures inhabiting on the planet that you are existing. However, you still can find out other necessary jobs later. So, everything will mess up if bugs or something serious is not fixed or solved although the game is considered stable and optimized.

The developer team of the Factorio steam game always works hard and attempts to bring to players a better experience through releases. First of all, we will mention to changes in the Factorio latest version.

Factorio 0.15.20 Released


There are only three issues deserve attention including:

  • The transports belt entities now show the belt’s speed in the tooltip and in the entity’s description.
  • Next, the fluid wagon air resistance is decreased from 0.05 to 0.01.
  • And, the scenario names are currently localized.

The second problem we will talk about is pretty important.


Here is the full list of the bugfixes which will not be able to appear in the Factorio download game anymore.

  • Fixed the bug related to login details that getting lost
  • Fixed the crash happening when the game exited because of a script’s error occurred I an instant after a force was removed
  • Fixed the int mod settings that showed the wrong values in the GUI
  • Fixed the gun’s sound when they would continue after you changed the weapon while you were joining the match
  • Fixed the trouble of the performance which was caused by the spawners being active in the peaceful mode
  • Fixed a crash where deleting the train stop located next to the other and then making locomotives
  • Fixed a rare desync that opening the inventory of the player in Factorio steam game
  • Fixed the crash when teleporting or setting a group of an offline roboport
  • Fixed the inserters in-game with custom pick up or drop locations from the mods that could keep hold of the custom data when the mods were canceled
  • Fixed the crash getting rid of the blueprint records from the library whilst the others were viewing the record tooltip
  • Fixed the bug that a few clients could not find a server as the blueprints were being uploaded
  • Fixed the matter that the Factorio game did not switch on from an NFS partition
  • Fixed a crash causing the difficulty on macOS that was older than 10.9

Aside from changes and bugfixes for the Factorio multiplayer steam game, we also have some info about modding and scripting.


  • The energy consumption from the roboport equipment that you did not use is eliminated.


  • Fixed that setting researched = true on level-based research in progress would not bring up to date the research level displayed
  • Fixed the bug that game.write_file made the desyncs failed because of the file permission
  • Fixed a crash in which the train altered the state event
  • Besides, added many affairs on_player_setup_blueprint, on_player_deconstructed_area, and on_player_configured_blueprint
  • “LuaEntity::secondary_bounding_box read” along with “LuaForce::worker_robots_battery_modifier read/write” and “LuaGuiElement::enabled read/write “ are added to the game.

Hope you enjoyed!

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