Factorio 0.15.21 & 0.15.22 Released

Factorio 0.15.21 & 0.15.22 Released

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Factorio 0.15.21 & 0.15.22 Released

Factorio 0.15.21

It is the first release for the update of Factorio steam game that we will talk about, which contains only one fix.


  • Fixed the bug that the server could crash if somebody tried to join while there was not any blueprint being assigned

Factorio 0.15.22

Explore changes and catch up with the most useful improvements for Factorio download game.


  • Currently, the blueprints in the Factorio library are arranged and sorted by using the case-insensitive natural compare. For example, the sorting order is “1”, “2”, “10” instead of the former “1”, “10”, and “2”.
  • In addition to that, the inserters will not drop the item that they hold anymore when they are switched off by the circuit network.
  • The deconstruction planner filter of the player can become compatible with any entity filter when it connects to entity ghosts of that kind.
  • The multiplayer creation GUI in Factorio multiplayer steam will memorize the game name.

Next, we will move to another topic.


  • The explosives Mine can cause the damage to the foe units and their constructions.

Not only that, you can find two affairs related to the sound.


  • The missing vehicle collision sound is added like pipes, solar panels, and others.
  • Meanwhile, the volume of ore mining and tree chopping is reduced.

In Factorio steam game, bugs always make the player uncomfortable during their match. Fortunately, plenty of them has been solved.


  • When you toggle the full screen via options or by using Alt-Enter, you can keep the window on the same monitor.
  • Fixed the bug that in long recharging queues robots could not recharge
  • Fixed the issue where it did not allow the player to click and drag the blueprint into an empty book
  • Fixed the trouble that the deconstruction of blueprinting selection could be deleted if your choice ended on one visible GUI
  • Fixed the productivity bar error in the furnace GUI which did not give anything in some cases
  • Fixed the problem involved with exiting a multiplayer game which was hosted through the multiplayer option
  • Fixed the bug that the tile ghosts could be picked over the real entities
  • Fixed the heat-connection icon that was not seen on entities other than boiler and reactor
  • Fixed the furnace with heat source that you could not rotate them before you set
  • Fixed the furnace’s GUI that would use the heat as the energy source
  • Fixed PvP GUI script mistake
  • Fixed clearing the item in the Transport belt madness would not return them
  • Fixed rails marked for the deconstruction that would not let canceling it carry out whilst a train was on them
  • Fixed the biters that changed the orientation swiftly when they stayed next to a player whom they could not kill
  • Fixed the Rocket Silo that kept crafting for 1 tick after it fabricated a rocket
  • Fixed keys that utilized to write characters in Factorio download game in the edit box or console were not prevented from affecting the game if they are given the task to do.
  • Hopefully, fixed the stretching of bounding boxes of walls to interact with the neighbors that did not take into account when it marked objects for the blueprint
  • Fixed the description pane that altered the width due to the content
  • Fixed the shooting-target that supplied as valid to fire with the missiles when it actually was not
  • Fixed the programmable speakers getting the incorrect instruments during the period of time following importing pre- 0.15.19 blueprint string
  • Fixed the problem where the maximized window of Factorio download game had the thin border around it
  • Fixed vanilla and modded version of achievements that were mixed up
  • Fixed inserters trying to insert the items into the other non-burner ones
  • Fixed the fast-transferring modules into the Rocket Silo that set them into the module slots and the rocket at once
  • Fixed the “rocket launched without satellite” message that was dismissed in some situations
  • Fixed the error of the mining drill GUI which could not display the progress when it contained a lot of modded module slots
  • Fixed fast-replacing an assembling machine along with overloaded ingredients that flow over the artifact
  • Fixed the ingredients or products in the recipes that broke the assembling machine GUI
  • Finally, fixed the erroneous values using the /config set allowed-commands with invalid values crashing game

About modding and scripting for Factorio steam game, we will collect several exciting info.


  • Fixed giving rolling stock entities invalid collision masks in which caused a crash
  • Restricted the mod title and the description
  • Fixed a serious accident when mods applied reset technologies during the technology researched event
  • Fixed modded GUI elements which would not be revoked when the mod was abandoned
  • Fixed source_effects applying effects to the source by the target instead of to the source by the source


  • Fixed the placement robot.energy for logistic/construction robots that could not account for the robot battery upgrade
  • Fixed the setting of LuaBurner::currently_burning that would not consent LuaItemPrototype as the docs said
  • Added “LuaEntityPrototype::count_as_rock_for_filtered_deconstruction read” together with “LuaEntityPrototype::filter_count read” and “LuaEntity::spawner/units read”

Thanks for your reading!

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