Factorio 0.15.27 Released

Factorio 0.15.27 Released

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Factorio 0.15.27


  • The speed and efficiency module 3 technology in Factorio download game will require the high tech science packs instead of the production ones. From that, operating towards the power armor mk2 will not ask for the production science packs. That can make the branching more effective.
  • Also, every research now can need to have the equal ratios of science pack types. It decreases the cost of some.
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  • Fixed the manually inserting the artifacts into the blueprint book that disconnected you in the multiplayer mode
  • Fixed a crash related to the time when activating an alert the similar tick the Factorio steam game was filled up
  • Fixed a serious crash when you failed to save the screenshot
  • Fixed trains that stopped in the middle of the chain signal blocks in a few certain setups creating deadlocks
  • Fixed the large drop-down widgets that give off the screen’s bottom

Factorio 0.15.27 Released


  • Added the render_layer property to the car prototype definition


  • Fixed calling LuaForce::chart(…) that charted chunks out of the map limits
  • Fixed the LuaPlayer::unlock_achievement() that continued showing the notification after you unlocked the new achievement
  • Fixed the LuaItemStack::create_blueprint that did not act correctly the same way as the normal blueprint creation involved the ghost tiles
  • Fixed LuaEntity::selected_gun_index write was 0-based
  • Fixed mods that could make remote calls out of doors of events when the Factorio download game was invalid
  • Fixed a time_before_removed of 0 on a corpse entity that crashed the game
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