Factorio 0.15.28 Released

Factorio 0.15.28 Released

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Factorio 0.15.28

There are many updates for the cool Factorio download game so far. And the list may not stop there. First of all, we will look for some useful information in the Factorio latest version.


  • Decreased the time which necessary for a unit of Automation 2 research from 15 to 5 seconds in order to indemnify for the previous change related to the science packs requirements

Minor features

There are some remarkable items such as

  • Added the –window-size launch option, for example, “–window-size=1680×1050”
  • When you try to deal damage to a tree in the Factorio download game with impact or physical damage, you will create some leaves then.
  • The warning icon for the logistic chests which are not in a reach of the roboport
  • The train stop’s names are displayed at 45 degrees to help you see them better.

Factorio 0.15.28 Released


Aside from that, you can explore numerous interesting bugfixes for Factorio steam game. They are:

  • Fixed ghosts that could remain over entities after the destruction was canceled
  • Fixed the controls menu that didn’t utilize a repaired common width between controls sections
  • Currently, the inserter research can ask for the equal ratios of the science pack kinds.
  • Fixed the transferring blueprints coming from the library of Factorio steam game that could cause the headless server crash
  • Fixed blueprints that were duplicated while they were heading to another version
  • Fixed the progress bar that did not show in the entity info panel when the text was too long
  • Fixed at least one of the situations of crashes which involved not being able to link to the auth server whilst you were participating in the battle
  • Fixed the possible crash that had the relation to the altered bounding box of the entity by a mod; when the mod is deleted or added, the entity’s corner can take over the chunk that does not be alive yet which could lead to a loading error
  • Fixed the mining sound and the leave’s effect that was absent when you mined trees from a car
  • Fixed another possible crash when taking away modded rails during save migration


  • Mod keys in Factorio download game are now arranged for each of mods.
  • Defining dissimilar rail categories is not allowed at the moment because having more than one will not run in the proper way until some non-trivial time is spent with that; it is not a priority


  • Fixed the item-with-inventory filters that were not used to be preserved when they were propagated as a clone through the Lua API
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