Factorio 0.15.29 Released

Factorio 0.15.29 Released

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Factorio 0.15.29

Factorio download is a cool building survival game in which you have to figure out the best way to save your life from the attack of dangerous local creatures. Not only that, you need to set up factories and create an empire. To make everything better during your challenge, the update version 0.15.29 was released in order to give you more advantages. It contains many changes and bugfixes.


  • The underground pipes in the Factorio steam game will not connect anymore if there is a candidate ghost one between them.
  • The command line option “–window-size” will be applied in order to activate the challenge in the maximized mode when it is used as “–window-size=maximized”.
  • The library of Factorio download game cannot show the unavailable blueprint of the offline people because they can’t do anything with those.

Factorio 0.15.29 Released

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Numerous of reported problems in Factorio game have been solved. They are:

  • Fixed the edit field in a blueprint book in the shared pane that was set again each time the crafting was completed
  • Fixed the setting of visibility to false on the modded GUI element while the text field was focusing that blocked the usual input
  • Fixed the issue of the performance when the blueprint library GUI in Factorio game whilst the robot added or removed a large number of items from the player
  • Fixed the wall and pipe put up from the blueprint that would mark the tree or the rock to destroy by mistake in a few cases
  • Fixed entities with the force color like turrets or gates that would be modified into black in the blueprint preview
  • Fixed the false positive in Factorio steam game’s state corruption detection logic
  • Fixed the pipette tool that could choose the diagonal rail with the incorrect direction
  • Fixed the migrating save from the fourth level of the New Hope campaign that disabled the Plane recipe
  • Fixed the blueprint library when it could not shut down while the Q key was hit and bound to the Close Window action
  • Fixed the blueprints that stopped transferring when the Factorio steam game was saved while the others were in progress and reloaded after that from that save
  • Fixed the error with the modal focus involved getting the error message for the blueprint and the removed content one at a time
  • Fixed the server that did not close and delete a temporary save file for a client disconnected before it ended up saving
  • Fixed the bug of standing on belts facing each other between chunks that caused actions running at double speed
  • Fixed the trouble in an artificial test-cade, two designs would not be in the library at once
  • Fixed the issue of the Pipette tool; it can now copy rotations of the vehicle and trains
  • Fixed creating blueprints of ghost tiles on the top of the original that had the random result in the blueprint
  • Possibly fix the double “Communication with server failed” error
  • Fixed entities not get rendered in some spots when you moved the mouse over the transparent GUI elements in the map editor

Thirdly, we will talk about modding and scripting in Factorio download game.


  • The optional “render_not_in_network_icon” for the logistic container prototypes defaulting to True is finally added.
  • Fixed the empty sprite path that dealt the crash instead of accessing the minimal mode


  • Added LuaItemStack::swap_stack()
  • Added on_player_removed event
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