Factorio 0.15.3 Released

Factorio 0.15.3 Released

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Factorio 0.15.3

Factorio 0.15.3 is released on 28 April 2017. Firstly, you can take a look at changes below.Factorio 0.15.3 Released


  • For the wave defense, units will not be able to spawn if there are more than 500 on the map of the Factorio download game.
  • Aside from that, there is an additional ‘unit bounty bonus’ upgrade in the wave defense.
  • The wave defense has received the Uranium to the map.
  • The ‘disable all mods’ option in the mod load error dialog will not disable the base mod.
  • The stack-split so splitting a stack of one still transfers the only one item is changed.
  • “Disable all mods” option in mod load error dialog doesn’t disable base mod anymore.
  • Changed the submachine stack size to 5
  • Not only that, the blueprints with blueprint books and deconstruction planners can be cleared by tapping the trash can icon in their GUIs. When you delete a blueprint, it’s still possible if you activate the Shift and right-click shortcut.


  • The fluid usage description for the steam engine that could flicker when holding the steam engine with the cursor is fixed.
  • Fixed the bug where assembling machines thought that the fluid barreling or unbarreling recipes could be used to calculate the base ingredients
  • Fixed the bug where the performance problems happened when you opened up the blueprint library GUI while the map of Factorio game had a lot of players at that time
  • Fixed the crash connected attempts from you or others to mods with the mod settings
  • Fixed the issue when getting the ‘No map setting instance’ error while you were loading the faulty mod instead of the actual error
  • Fixed the bug related to accessing the tutorial that could take away the scenario control script from the current game
  • Fixed some crashes affecting saves with migrated circuit network signals
  • Fixed numeric inputs which could block all of the keys instead of numbers
  • Fixed the ore field amount got stuck to the cursor when it was in the technology view
  • Fixed the crashes of migrated saves with circuit network signals
  • Fixed the issue of the train station tutorial that would not progress when you removed the train wait condition
  • Fixed the crash where modifying the mod setting prototype types
  • Fixed the problem of the refinery flame that could freeze when you used the coal liquefaction recipe and the machine didn’t get any coal
  • Fixed the fluids that got counted incorrectly for the production stats when a pumpjack was put on an oil well along with a modded very high yield
  • Fixed the trains GUI that could not scale accurately
  • Fixed the issue when you selected entities in the zoomed-to-world view outside the radar coverage
  • Fixed the prompt involving disabled base mod would not show
  • Fixed the crash when the train was demolished while you were hovering over it on the map view
  • Fixed the bug that the team production started the lobby had some uranium ore
  • Fixed the bug when hovering over a very large resource patch on the map that could crash the Factorio game
  • Fixed the ‘don’t mine resources if mining starts with non-resources’ logic
  • Fixed the crash when the preview picture could not be saved
  • Fixed the crash when trying to filter opened up the quickbars of other players
  • Fixed the crash when setting the resource minimal yield above the normal one
  • Fixed the problem of the tab complete logic for the mute-programmable-speaker command
  • Fixed the trouble that you encountered when you could only build up the blueprints in the zoom-to-world by clicking and dragging
  • Fixed the script error in the basic train tutorial
  • The redundant recipe unlocked in the trash slot technology is discarded.
  • Fixed the bug of the inserter stack size when it sometimes was overridden, which lost when importing a blueprint
  • Fixed the crash that could occur occasionally after you deleted a blueprint book
  • Fixed the fluid that would flow into the heat exchangers output the fluidbox
  • Fixed the bug that inserters would put some stuff into the rocket silo result inventory
  • Fixed the issue of the invalid map exchange strings that could crash the game
  • Fixed the train stop that could not output the content fluid wagons to the circuit network
  • Fixed the locomotive tooltip that didn’t display the content of the fluid wagons
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