Factorio 0.15.31 Released

Factorio 0.15.31 Released

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Factorio 0.15.31 Released

Factorio 0.15.31

The version for Factorio download game was launched on 26, July 2017 by HANZIQ. There are many bugfixes along with a small feature, and other upgrades for modding and scripting.

Small features

  • The train stop text angle in the game is able to configure in the graphics setting. The default value is 30 degrees.


  • Fixed the problem related to resizing the game window that worked very slowly on Linux
  • Fixed the issue of rendering of the turret ranges on the map
  • Fixed the trouble that ‘Disable listed mods’ in the minimal mode would deactivate all of the mods consisting of Base if mod-list.json did not be alive
  • Fixed pressing escape in the ‘mods error’ GUI that could shut down and leave the Factorio steam game in the broken condition
  • Fixed the possible crash that occurred while you were loading the challenge
  • The Car and Tank now can make a sound when they are deconstructed
  • Fixed using the color command without any argument that set the color to black
  • Fixed a crash involved with deleting a blueprint book whilst the label was being edited in the library
  • Fixed the crash when you closed the game in the Generate Map GUI
  • Additionally, fixed the bug that the Generate Map GUI would indicate the wrong value for a few of the foe expansion settings in some situations
  • Fixed blueprints that always had to be uploaded again after they connected to a server, even if they were not altered
  • Fixed the map seed field in Factorio download that was not utilized when they were provided in a map-gen-settings.json file through the command line
  • Fixed the missing controls in ‘autoplace_controls’ for the map gen settings that were filled up with the default value instead of incapacitating the unlisted controls
  • Fixed blueprints that stopped transferring if Factorio game was loaded from a map including transfers in progress
  • Fixed the mission font for Thailand language
  • Modified the difficult concrete or concrete tile transition so that it can behave in the way you can predict


  • Fixed the layered icon that rendered in the improper method in some circumstances


  • Fixed a crash taking place when it was using LuaPlayer::disable_all_prototypes() and unlocking the technology GUI
  • Fixed the research bonus that set to negative
  • Fixed items in the trash slots that could be lost on decreasing the inventory size instead of causing the objects to overflow over on the ground of Factorio steam game’s playing field
  • Fixed the validation for pickup_position and drop_position
  • Fixed the internal buffer of the fluid turret to Lua as the ultimate fluid box of that
  • Added LuaEntityPrototype::fluid_capacity read
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