Factorio 0.15.33 Released

Factorio 0.15.33 Released

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Factorio 0.15.33

Factorio download is a real-time strategy game in development by Wube Software, a team of developers from Prague since mid-2012. The game tells the story of a spaceman who gets stuck on an alien planet after the ship crashed. He is the only survivor. He has to harvest resources by hand, build up an industrial infrastructure, create a rocket, launch a satellite to space while attempt to defend against inhabitants who are trying to protect their life from the pollution and destruction by your character.

It has been live as an early access since 2014. Indeed, the game was launched on Steam Early Access on 25 February 2016. Developers aim for the full release in summer 2018.

We will mention to Factorio 0.15.33 released. It is available for those who love matches in the game. There are several problems solved and presented here. Firstly, we will talk about a few important changes related to the mod name and the optional mode.

As of August 2017, 0.15 is the Factorio latest version at the present time, and a 0.16 one is planned before the official 1.0.

Factorio 0.15.33 Released


  • Currently, you can find the mod name in the mod info page will not appear anymore.
  • Secondly, the optional mod dependencies will be able to show as orange when they are invalid.

Next, we will move to another exciting part of the update.

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  • Fixed the crash that would happen when you tried to load replay while it was not compatible with the existing version
  • Fixed ghosts that could emit the light
  • Fixed getting rid of landmines that could not make any noise or sound
  • Fixed showing the window larger than the screen
  • The performance of rendering uranium ore has been upgraded.

Aside from changes and bugfixes, you will receive the news of modding and scripting although there are some issues in Factorio steam game.


  • The bonus UI can display the additional force modifiers.
  • simple-entity-with-owner (and simple-entity-with-force) will be ready to assist apply_runtime_tint in sprite definition.


  • Not only that, simple-entity-with-owner of Factorio download game makes the color property visible through LuaEntity::color. Set it to {r=0, g=0, b=0, a=0} in order to utilize the color of the entity’s force.
  • Fixed the bug involved with the LuaEntityPrototype::distribution_effectivity that would come back to the value of supply_area_distance instead

If you are looking for how to get experimental releases, you can select the ‘experimental’ beta branch under Factorio’s properties in Steam.

Hope the update will help you have a better experience when you participate in the next battle!

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