Factorio 0.15.34 Released

Factorio 0.15.34 Released

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Factorio 0.15.34

Factorio download is a resource gathering game where you also need to figure out the best strategy to defend yourself against inhabitants for survival as well as find how to put up essential other industrial infrastructures. Building and managing the factory-style system will help the game progress. The advanced technologies will allow the player to create new structures, items, and unlock upgrades. You can win the current version by launching a rocket with a satellite. The construction of a rocket will require a very large amount of materials. There are plenty of achievements when you complete the quest under 15 or 8 hours. Any% single-player speed-running world record is 1 hour 58 minutes and 15 seconds but is set up by using a favorable map seed aliens peacefully.

With the simple introduction of Factorio steam game, you can see that it is pretty interesting and addicting. So, you can feel annoyed if you encounter bugs during your challenge. Don’t worry! Thanks to the feedback of users, the developers’ team worked hard to present several patches to improve that state. Factorio 0.15.34 is one of them.


  • Fixed the bug that occurred when a player decided to reconnect after a desync so their blueprints would not be able to upload any more
  • Fixed the issue that it was possible to alter other blueprint libraries of the other people
  • Fixed a crash related to when you loaded a save that was sending the design to an offline person
  • Fixed the problem where the blueprint library of Factorio mac game could remove duplicate blueprints although they were existing in different books
  • Fixed the trouble about freezing the game when you clicked the decrease replay speed button
  • Disabled the ability to open the invalid save/replay with the Enter key or double-click
  • Fixed a rare crash that could be disconnected from multiplayer
  • Fixed creating the map from the scenario that could have the chance to copy the system and hidden files from the scenario folder
  • Fixed the threading issue that caused the random crashes for the server in Factorio Download Game
  • Fixed the bug that the /save command without name would make the server hang if the server was deployed with –start-server-load-scenario
  • Fixed the bug of –start-server-load-scenario that would ignore –map-gen-settings, –map-settings together with –preset options
  • Fixed disabling shaders that caused crashes

Wish you will conquer the task and win faster with the Factorio 0.15.33 release!

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