Factorio 0.15.35 Released

Factorio 0.15.35 Released

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Factorio 0.15.35

Factorio steam is a good game which is based on an unexpected adventure and an interesting story of a man whose spaceship crashed into a strange planet. From that moment, you have to help him find out the best way to survive. Furthermore, you need to harvest as many resources as possible to put up an impressive industrial infrastructure. You should quickly build a rocket and launch a satellite to space. Not only that, you will have the chance to face up to the anger of local creatures which are trying to prevent the pollution and the destruction that you create.

Factorio 0.15.35 Released

The multiplayer mode will give players the occasion to play together cooperatively. Indeed, Factorio download game will support both of the dedicated servers and player-hosted listen ones. The peer-to-peer connectivity that used in the past is removed due to more robust options was cared and upgraded. Saved world files can be loaded single-player or multiplayer.

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As of 0.15 update, which is considered as the Factorio latest version until now, you can share your blueprints with other people on their server via a server-side public blueprint library.

We will mention much more to the 0.15.35 version. It is available for you to explore. It includes many bugfixes and the information related to the scripting.

Firstly, we can learn about fixes for bugs in Factorio mac game.


  • Fixed the bug where a character reconnected after he encountered a desync whilst blueprints of Factorio mac game were uploaded, the game would crash later
  • Fixed the issue that occurred in some certain situations, the blueprint library would not synchronize
  • Fixed the problem where the server would sometimes exit if a player tried to connect after another engage unsuccessfully
  • Fixed a rare desync that involved with the electric subnetworks
  • Fixed archaic (from 0.12 version) migration that was assumed to improve rollingStockCounts on rails and it broke it instead
  • Possibly fixed the desync that rotated the pipe to the ground
  • Fixed another rare ability of internal electric network crash when you loaded the Factorio download game
  • Gracefully fixed the network errors that were caused by LavasoftTcpService64.dll corrupting Winsock

Finally, we can mention the problem of scripting. There is only the news that you can see here.


  • Fixed altering the force of the underground belt entity that would cause the desync

Come back to the challenge and enjoy the game with the better quality! Good luck!

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