Factorio 0.15.6 Released

Factorio 0.15.6 Released

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Factorio 0.15.6

Factorio is a great game in which you need to build, grow, and survive. Stranded in a strange place, you should try your best to create factories and produce necessary items for the life. With releases, you will have the chance to make every challenge easier.


There is only one change related to increasing the roboport construction range to 55 (110×110 area). This improvement will help those characters build up each other without interconnecting their logistic areas. Also, it will not break when there are impediments such as trees or rocks.


There is a long list of bugfixes that make the experience of players in the Factorio download game better. They include:

Fixed the bug of centrifuge glowing for one frame each time the inserter dropped some items
Fixed the issues involved the biters expansion when they were bigoted towards northern part of the map
Fixed the issue of the blueprint preview splitter that could not bend nearby belts in the right way
Fixed the problems with items on the ground of the Factorio download game when they were not cleared in the tightspot campaign
Fixed the issue that mining drills didn’t pull in enough acid so as to continue mining
Fixed the trouble where you could finish the advanced signal tutorial stages by making the movement of trains difficult
Fixed the bug where the nuclear fuel reprocessing was used to calculate the raw ingredient requirement
Fixed the bug when you could input the invalid value to PvP config
Fixed the crash when you changed the force of the turret ghost
Fixed a bug when inserters could grab the item off the belt and drop them on rails after the train departed
Fixed the inserters that would rest with their hand above the center of a splitter
Fixed the desync which was caused by the heat pipes
Fixed the crash when you tried to edit mod settings after you participated in a paused multiplayer game
Fixed the removed decoratives which were migrated as big-ship-wreck-grass instead of being removed from the map of the Factorio multiplayer game
Fixed the bug related to input underground belt fast replace that could replace output piece even if input modified the direction
Fixed the combinators keeping to output signals where parameters are deleted or when disconnecting the feedback wire
Fixed programmable speaker continuing that would make sounds with no a wire connected
Fixed the problem that it was not possible for you to scroll with the mouse in the mod settings GUI
Fixed the bug of the updater which would fail if the game was in folder with the name including non-English characters
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