Factorio 0.15.7 Released

Factorio 0.15.7 Released

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Factorio 0.15.7


  • When connecting is refused the username is included in the log message of Factorio download
  • Copying the entity settings from a disconnected entity will not disconnect circuit wires anymore.
  • Trains in the manual mode of Factorio download game now have twice the penalty and the train in the manual mode without no a player will have 2.5 times.
  • Reactors production can use up the fuel cell when it is entirely consumed instead of at start.
  • The reverted flamethrower turret liquid consumption changes from 0.15.5. It will use 3/s instead of 30/s.
  • The Flamethrower turret will not shoot when it is in the preparation state.
  • The /color command defaults alpha to 255 if not specified.
  • The default requester chest paste multiplier for nuclear reactor recipe is reduced to 1 and for centrifuge recipe to 2.
  • Inserters in Factorio multiplayer game will no longer take the fuel from locomotives. From that, they will take the burnt result items if the locomotive fuel utilizes that system.

Factorio 0.15.7 Released


  • The production science pack recipe to be in need of assembling machine 1 instead of pumpjack is made different.
  • Aside from that, the science pack 3 to require electric mining drill instead of putting together machine 1 instead of pumpjack is changed.
  • Besides, the crafting time has been adjusted, for example, Oil refinery 20->10 Pumpjack 10->5 Chemical plant 10->5 Lab 5->3 Roboport 15->10
  • The mining time of the storage tank is reduced from 3 to 1.5 seconds.
  • Meanwhile, the mining time of the reactor is increased from 0.5 to 1.5 seconds.
  • Also, the underground belt length is increased (basic, fast, express) from 5,5,5 to 5,7,9.


There are tons of bugs fixed in the new patch for Factorio download. They are related to:

  • Clicking locomotive from zooming into the map view would make the color become different and show fuel for a few other locomotives on the train
  • The construction bots could repair the vehicle from a distance
  • The rocket silo or other GUIs would conceal the completed in-game dialog
  • The boiler could output another fluid than its input
  • The inserter would sometimes announce a few bad values to the circuit network. The pump recipe description had the incorrect pumping speed
  • An improper error message when loading headless save file did not subsist
  • The ‘Input action fragment is missing’ crash where would sometimes occur because of packet mislaying
  • The crash that altering the size for the Factorio download game’s window while having an assembling machine level 1 GUI open
  • The alternative zoom controls would implement nothing in the map editor
  • A few cargo wagon spritesheets were offset by one frame
  • It was very difficult or impossible to pick out the character corpse through some entities
  • The blueprint book GUI could scroll to the top after each click
  • The crash when you were trying to disconnect non circuit connectible entities utilizing Lua::Entity::disconnect_neighbour
  • Calling Lua::Entity::disconnect_neighbour would detach more wires
  • The mod settings corruption when you took away mods included mod settings. But, you should remember that this will reset all of them
  • The incompatible picking of resource patched on the map of Factorio multiplayer game
  • The GUI sorting when you reset mod settings
  • Releasing a blueprint onto a book icon in the library GUI could drop that item in the highest level instead
  • The blueprint library sometimes stopped opening up books
  • The GUI scaling issues with the assembling machine GUI
  • The desync involved the on_selected_entity_changed event
  • The atomic bomb launching speed cooldown did not operate
  • The continual combinatory GUI when their name was bigger than the rest of the GUI
  • The reactor did not give out the fuel in the description
  • Making the requester chests blueprints with ‘set requests’ could make a similar to the existing requirements in the blueprint
  • Removing saves with the Delete key would not keep focusing on the saves list
  • The crash when mining rails while you were having the ‘show rail paths’ debug option permitted
  • The infinite loop when you were moving entities from an independent type to a roboport type
  • The technology multiplier did not put in an application for an infinite research
  • Filtering the server list for games with mods
  • Checking mod version for the automatic mod download
  • The flamethrower turret could not launch the last single shot which was equivalent of liquid
  • A crash where exiting the server list
  • The bug of ‘Right mouse button to open’ in the opened armor
  • The blueprint library would not allow you to use the scroll bars for the shared blueprint book
  • The resource patched in unmapped areas could be checked on the map
  • The rail ghosts could not be out over ghosts of the enemy force
  • The sulfuric acid fluid icon


  • The icons are asked to have the accurate size, which can be overridden by icon_size property.
  • Changed 32x32px for entity, fluid, item, item-group, recipe, technology, virtual-signal
  • Modded 128x128px for achievement, tutorial
  • In case the icon path provides the base mod, technology icon will be expected to become 128x128px and item-group icon 64x64px.
  • The default sizes may be removed and the game will require icon_size to be always specified.
  • It’s impossible to teleport any rolling stock or the train stop!


Fixed many issues and added something interesting to the cool Factorio download game such as:

  • LuaChunkIterator could be invalid and crash the game if it was used
  • LuaPlayer::mod_settings read – the runtime player mod settings for the given player is added.
  • Added LuaEntity::temperature read/write – the temperature of entities using the heat energy source kind and reactors with heat pipes
  • Finally, LuaEntity::get_burnt_result_inventory has been added.

Thanks for reading!

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