Factorio 0.15.8 – 0.15.9 Released

Factorio 0.15.8 – 0.15.9 Released

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Factorio download game is an extremely interesting experience that you can’t ignore. In the unexpected adventure, you have to find the way to survive by building and maintaining factories. It sounds strange and new. However, it is a good idea for all of the players if they want to defend themselves from dangerous and aggressive creatures living on the planet that you are stranded. There are tons quests that you need to finish to create a new life. Surely, you also desire that everything will occur smoothly. But, some things will not come as you think. With updates, you will find your journey become much easier. Factorio 0.15.8 & 0.15.9 releases are no exception.

Factorio 0.15.8

The new patch promises to bring to fans of Factorio multiplayer online game a lot of remarkable changes, bugfixes and some information about balancing. Firstly, we will mention to changes or improvements in the game.


  • A new supply challenge map has already appeared.
  • Now, the circuit network-based inserter stack size overrides is effective immediately. Thus, you don’t need to wait until the inserter moves something.


  • It’s possible for the game to show 0.7% in the uranium processing recipe instead of nothing for uranium 235. It also works for any recipe giving less than one of anything.
  • You are prohibited not to draw player names on the map that is not in the range of player or radar on the zoomed map.
  • Fixed the bug related to some ores with negative values in Tight spot level 04
  • Fixed the issue of inserters that could not insert any fuel into locomotives
  • Fixed the problem of the random inaccessible map area of Factorio download game in Beta campaign level 04
  • Fixed various bugs involved inserter GUI
  • Fixed the trouble where the train station relied on specific train schedule state


  • The iron gear price of the fast underground belt is changed from 20-> 40 and 40 -> 80 to even out the bigger length.
  • The bug, where biters would sometimes stop and sleep during an attack, is fixed and improved.

Factorio 0.15.9

The next release will add a bugfix to the awesome Factorio download game.

  • The crash happening when you open up the train GUI while you are staying in the train has been recently fixed.

Everything that we’d like to present is included here. Return to play Factorio multiplayer game with other people and check what has been detailed right now! Hope you enjoyed!

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