Factorio 0.16.0: Bugfixes

Factorio 0.16.0: Bugfixes

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Although Factorio download is a great game, it still hides plenty of problems. Don’t worry! Many of them are found and resolved in the new 0.16.0 update released on 13 December 2017.


Part 1:

  • Fixed the train approaching the station that would provide astronomically a large penalty and make those means pass through strange areas
  • Fixed the fluid wagon pumps that couldn’t combine in the right way
  • Fixed the module icons in the blueprint previews that could not supply exactly in a few situations
  • Fixed the long mod manager preview labels that would be beyond the frame
  • Fixed the ~ key that would not be chosen to shut the console
  • Fixed the mining progress in Factorio steam that was set again while the mining selection was fail when the button was hit
  • Catalysts in recipes will be automatically realized and they will not be figured out towards the production or the consumption statistics.
  • Fixed the ghost rail signal that could emit the light
  • Fixed various icon sizes that were not ascended correctly when they were drawn in the alt-info mode
  • Fixed the latency sound effects in multiplayer latency hiding that worked some times
  • Fixed futile errors in fonts
  • Fixed issues revolving around trains crashing not often
  • Switched off the ability to open up invalid save/replay by double clicking or pressing Enter
  • UTF-8 BOM in JSON, INI and LUA files in Factorio multiplayer game will be disregarded instead of creating the parsing error
  • Fixed removing every blueprint icon that could clear the whole design with no a warning
  • Solved conflicts of multi-modifier hotkeys
  • Fixed sprite rendering at notable distanced from 0,0
  • Using a filter slide bar requesting amount over the capacity of a complete requester will not be able to send off robots.
  • Fixed the bug of restarting after the second release in a row crashed the Factorio game because of the duplicated launch parameter (Linux/macOS)
  • Fixed the trouble of “asdf” and “as df” that were regarded the same if they were present in the stop selection
  • Buildable objects counts in the inventory in the Sandbox mode can upgrade themselves by choosing resource adjustments.
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Part 2:

The list of Bugfixes in Factorio steam game will continue with a lot of interesting information.

  • Fixed the width or height of the map that received the value of zero
  • Fixed the crash that happened when loading Vorbis Ogg files with metadata
  • Fixed the manual rail building that would stop one tile before the cursor
  • The assembling machine in Factorio can output the commodity with the amount over stack size.
  • Fixed the entity’s description reserved for materials requiring fluids
  • Possibly fix the map download blocks the other communication and client is not combined when you are downloading them
  • Fixed the crash that could occur when catching up if processing queued GUI activities
  • Fixed a rare instance when the paused dialog was available if connecting the game one more time after dropping
  • Fixed colored lights in Factorio download game that could lessen the color level when the night vision mode was turned on
  • Fixed an extremely bad performance when the previewing blueprint with one big linked to the circuit network
  • Fixed an aggressive team of biters that could be sometimes stuck in a cyclic back-and-forth walking pattern
  • Fixed the bug in specific plots, the blueprint library could not operate at the same time
  • Trains can consider again the succeeding station accurately when more stations are enabled or disabled at the similar tick.
  • Fixed the server that quit when you attempted to interact after another person could not do that
  • Fixed the issue when the updater requested administrator rights, modernized Factorio multiplayer could be begun in the elevated mode
  • Fixed the steam that leaked out of the storage tank window on the high sprite quality setting
  • Programmable speakers in Factorio multiplayer with the active “Global playback” will not run for players in another force.
  • The beam weapon will display the right damage when it is modified into solving the damage more times while that continues.

Part 3:

  • Fixed big entities in Factorio steam that could not render perfectly on the playfield
  • Fixed the mining drill that did not give the speed bonus in the similar format as the assembling machine
  • Fixed the entity icons for the combat robots that could not match the item ones
  • Trains cannot block their own path.
  • Fixed the circuit wire connections that did not provide in the proper method in rotated blueprints in several circumstances
  • Fixed adjusting the system time forwards could make Factorio download freeze
  • Fixed the crash when altering large circuit networks
  • Fixed shutting the window immediately after it was generated would interrupt the process
  • Fixed the bug that it was able to unlock the entity GUIs from zoom-to-world when holding
  • Fixed the state that a productivity bonus could appear in the entity GUIs and offer negative progress bars
  • Fixed the issue where biters were attacked but could not search for any way to get close to the attacker
  • Fixed multiplayer-waiting icon that would not contribute in the map view
  • Fixed the worldwide achievement progress that was multiplied by the number of participants in a multiplayer stage
  • Fixed passing a LuaObject instead of a plain Lua table to LuaBootstrap::raise_event that could cause a crash to Factorio download game.
  • Fixed setting active=false then true on a beacon that could improve the beacon without error
  • Possibly fix a crash when you changed your position whilst the blueprint ifs being moved
  • Fixed the rocket silo that got stuck if it died and was set up again by robots while you were launching the rocket
  • Fixed the transport belt circuit connector that drew over the opposite splitter
  • Fixed the problem that it was active to have achievements in a replay
  • Fixed the circular references went through the Lua remote interface crashed the game
  • Fixed the missing personal robot recharging animation if you were driving a car
  • Fixed the vertical size of the progress bar in Factorio that was not held in high regard the GUI scale
  • Fixed the number taken next to the cursor when the item is controlled was distinctly located compared to the way it is in the store
  • Fixed the texture compression that would be enabled when d3dx9.dll was not installed, ruining sprites that might be compressed
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