Factorio 0.16.0: Changes

Factorio 0.16.0: Changes

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Factorio Changes

We have the complete list of adjustments in Factorio game. It includes:

Part 1:

  • Switched off the loading of saves before v0.13.0
  • Trains in Factorio download game will not have to arrive at a full stop if manually altering train location or changing from handmade to automated mode
  • Taken away the “shift” value from the map generation settings
  • Added blueprints and utilized the deconstruction planner to ignore entities which are covered by the combat’s fog
  • Increased the default autosave interval settings to 5 minutes
  • Can open or shut or interact with the chat console if the playfield of Factorio game is being saved or the server losing connection dialog is available
  • Factorio multiplayer game will only use the cloud version of data and achievements on Steam to evade troubles with resetting
  • Enhanced the limit of recipe categories to 65535
  • Another blueprint will not contain entities for deconstruction
  • Activated the Map Exchange String
  • Copy Paste from the assembler to the requester chest will weigh with the assembler speed and recipe crafting time
  • Designs will not go with the number 1 if you hold the cursor.
  • Robots flying in the sky will determine logistics requests for that kind
  • Added the /server-save command like Lua server_save, but will not switch off achievements in Factorio game
  • Gamesave names in the load dialog will not be too long. They will be suitable for GUI
  • Eliminated turning off the item with subgroups from GUI in Factorio game, that can be completed through the config file or Lua commands
  • Added the distinct control option for putting down tags on Factorio’s map
  • You can drag underground pipes and belts if not moving in an ideal straight line
  • The Arithmetic Combinator in Factorio steam game will choose a constant like the first parameter.
  • When setting up blueprints, the present building of the similar entity type will be given the update settings.
  • The options menu is upgraded.
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Part 2:

  • Updater proxy settings in Factorio game will not pop up from the options menu. However, you can access through the ini file.
  • Exchange strings can be squashed before they are converted into base64
  • GUI search is upgraded.
  • Added the /delete-blueprint-library *player* command to delete blueprints of everybody from Factorio game
  • The map view will treat very quick clicks as clicks instead of drags to make it convenient to interact with items
  • The explosive cannon shells will allow you to target the ground where you will fire.
  • The transition in Factorio download game from the terrain to water will not be able to build. It means that entities cannot be set up only in part on the water.
  • Resources will own much fewer trees on them close by your beginning zone.
  • Tanks in Factorio download will not take tiny amounts of damage from hitting plants
  • Formerly, building whilst you were sprinting at a fast pace would generate gaps. But, there will be fully automatical at the present time.
  • The locomotive will display the train ID in the tooltip. That ID will be utilized in circuit network conditions.
  • If you see two trains are being connected together, the decision that arranged it should be picked for the merged series of railroad cars have been altered from the larger program to make sure that will have the newest adjustment.
  • The number of entities in hand when you preview the entity to be put up is currently lined up the object.
  • Added the sliding ability if your player crashes into the water or other entities in Factorio steam with the rotated bounding box.
  • Made drawing of the turret radiuses in the blueprint better, plenty of imbrication radiuses will not cover the area fully
  • The external blueprint library will not be combined with that place in save. However, the in-save library will be consistently overwritten by the outer one.
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