Factorio: Combat – Armor, Inserters & Chests

Factorio: Combat – Armor, Inserters & Chests

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Combat – Armor


The armor in early-game is fairly simple. It will be useful to reduce damage from enemies. This armor can stack in the right-hand corner if it has the same type. Meanwhile, regular armors can’t be repaired. Similar to pickaxes, it is used up.

Modular/Power Armor

The basic modular armor is utterly dissimilar to any item. It owns more inherent HP. Nevertheless, it has a primary advantage. That is it can mend mechanism via energy shields itself. So, you can put items from the inventory into the grid.

Power armor will increase the space of the inventory, each type together with more slots than the lower technology. In case the inventory is filled and you have to take off the power armor, you will have the time to experience an item bomb.

To get rid of this, take a new armor from the inventory and replace it so as to create a seamless transition. It is a wise option when you change a combat suit into a building or running suit.

Components of Modular/Power Armor

  • Power Source: Solar panels or portable fusion reactors are limited on the number of the items that they can power.
  • Energy Shields: They can keep you away from damage. To charge them, you need to have a power source. While you are charging, you will detect a purple bar above the toolbelt. The shields having the higher level will become more effective.
  • Batteries: They can be charged via the power source, too. When they are low, they will transfer power to shields immediately. Like energy shields, the higher level batteries will be more worthwhile.
  • Exoskeleton: They can rise up the running speed. Bonuses stack and additional legs will assist for you to run faster a lot.
  • Personal Roboport: It will accept the automated construction.
  • These are items which are taken away or left behind. This depends on the playing style you have.
  • Night Vision: It turns the nighttime green.
  • Personal Laser Defense: It can shoot biters automatically. Nonetheless, it has a very slow rate.
  • Discharge Defense: It is considered as the most useless object in the Factorio game. It entirely discharges all of the shields.

Inserters & Chests


Factorio: Combat - Armor, Inserters & Chests

  • Burner Inserters (gray): They are used mostly in the early game. They are filled with a solid fuel source such as coal, wood, solid duel, and so on.
  • Inserters (yellow): They are standard inserters which run on electricity at the standard speed.
  • Long-arm Inserters (red): They have the standard speed. They can approach multiple belts or spaces to collect the items in further locations than others. Aside from that, they can reach the same distance.

Factorio: Combat - Armor, Inserters & Chests

  • Fast Inserters (blue): They can run at the high speed. They are also the standard in mid- and late-game.
  • Filter Inserters (purple): They can work at the high speed. They are programmed in the logistics system or the local logic network to restrict production. Use them to sort systems if you own mixed products on the line. It is for unloading from train cars as well.
  • You can copy and paste settings from the Filter Inserter to Filter Inserter. To copy, you will press Shift and right click. To paste, hit Shift and left click. This method will operate on Assemblers, chests, trains, much more.
  • Stack Inserters (green): Their speed is high. They can grab 12 items from the belt before they drop them at their position. They are the best one which is utilized on single pickups. They will not put more assemblers in order to catch nothing else.
  • Stack Filter Inserters (white): They run at the high speed. They can grab up to 12 objects. But they can filter items. They are best used at a train station or for picking mixed belts.

Inserter Placements

When you place an inserter along the straight track of belt, you can imagine the location where this inserter will drop the item. Secondly, you can’t predict the result when you put on a corner or a reversed belt.

Factorio: Combat - Armor, Inserters & Chests



  • Wooden Chest: Cap. 16 Stacks
  • Iron Chest: Cap. 32 Stacks
  • Steel Chest: Cap. 48 Stacks

Factorio: Combat - Armor, Inserters & Chests

Logistics Network

They are constructed out of the Smart Chest and they can transmit the storage data via the Logistics and Logic networks.

  • Passive Provider Chest (red): It is the most used chest. It can store the output of assemblers and others. Logistics roots are able to collect items from this chest.
  • Requester Chest (blue): This is the chest requesting items from the Logistics network.
  • Storage Chest (yellow): It is considered as a “dumping” chest. It is where robots will use to put everything deconstructed or trashed through the Trash slots. Unless, items that dumped in the chest have a specific Requester chest, they will be conveyed to the Storage chests.

Tip: You should limit the stacks in chests by pressing the X button in the lower right corner. Next, you can move upward and tap it again to set. Inserters will only suffice the gray squares. This is useful for you to limit the production of some certain objects. Note that this will be effective for the full stacks exclusively. And you need to wire an inserter in case you are looking for how to select very specific quantities.

Copy and paste trick to transfer the limitation from chest to chest.

Factorio: Combat - Armor, Inserters & Chests

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