Factorio: Combat – Offense

Factorio: Combat – Offense

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Combat – Offense

General Tips

  • Have always some kinds of armors on.
  • Next, the standard armor will not be able to be repaired per second. But, it’s possible to stack multiple units which having the same type. In later-game, the power armor shield can recharge by itself.
  • Before you decide to attack any biter base, you should save your game.
  • You need to continue moving or mobs will engulf you as well as destroy your armor or shield.
  • In Factorio download, energy shields will have a fuchsia bar. If it turns green, it means that your health is getting damaged. You must run away to survive.
  • Besides, fish can become the food. You can restore your energy if you eat them.
  • Upgrade your pistol to a machine gun as fast as possible. Don’t forget to so the same for the regular ammo! Improve it into the armor-piercing ammo.
  • Equipping with a Flamethrower & ammo is the good way to remove the enemy sooner.
  • You can bring 2 or more flamethrowers at a time.

Factorio: Combat - Offense


Poison Capsules are very helpful for you to eliminate worms. When you deploy 2 or more capsules, you can kill them quickly. They will not affect spawner or houses much, though.

Factorio: Combat - Offenser the enemy slowly in a specific targeted area.

Factorio: Combat - Offense

Combat Bots/ Capsules

They are little robots which can be very effective. But, they will only operate some seconds before they sacrifice themselves.

  • Defenders are the lowest-level bots. They can implement little damage. However, they are better than nothing. They will follow you around.
  • Distractor is a mid-range bot. You can use 3 bots each time. They are stronger than defenders. Also, they can create a very decent damage output. Different from defenders and destroyers, distractor will not go after you. You can deploy them in the middle of the biter base. They will automatically shoot the target surrounding. They are regarded as a more cost-efficient bot than destroyers.
  • Destroyers are the ultimate combat bot that you can use 5 bots each deploy. They give you the assistance so as to beat aliens. They can damage the foe very much.

Factorio: Combat - Offense

  • You are recommended to research the proper technologies in order to make attacks better. Robot Follower Count will provide to you the ability so that you can possess many more bots active at once. Combat Robot Damage will increase the killing power for bots as well.


Once you have the strategy to cope with biters and their bases, you will know that it should depend on what level of the tech that you own.

  • Flamethrower: The most OP weapon in Factorio steam. Just fire a burst of flame at the alien spawners, or worms. Then, keep away from that place and wait until they all are burnt. Note that you can burn the forest. Create a fire break with grenades. You can be hurt by fire.

Factorio: Combat - Offense

  • Turret Creep: It is the best for those who are fleeting fingers and mouse movements. Set up two turrets outside the alien base range. Next, supply with a small amount of ammo. And move forward several squares and put other two turrets with ammo. Keep creeping and deconstructing back turrets when you go. Leave four at any time. Don’t stop going until you approach the enemy base! Turrets can remove mobs and their structures.
  • Car Hit & Run: If you can control the car, drive it by the alien village and target spawners along with worms when you pass. If you get out of the range, you can attack mobs of biters following you. Upgrade the car and repeat the process till the base disappears. Your vehicle is weaker than the tank. It should not be used to crash into the objects.
  • Ram with the Tank: It is a good strategy for you to supply for a very long time before you can find out power suits. Use the machine gun on the tank with grenades when you ram into spawners and worms. Remaining will make you move slower. Thus, you can get some troubles. Don’t hit more than a couple times per pass!
  • Snipe with the Tank: Snipe worms by using the cannon. Fire them with long-ranged shots. Move the tank out of their range.
  • Combat Bots + Tank: Inset Combat Bots to the tank strategy you like most so as to make your firepower greater. Poison Capsules can devastate lots of worms.
  • Turret Creep with Lasers: The construction bots and the personal Roboport will set down laser turrets and a power pole blueprint. Additionally, you can get close to the alien base.
  • Combat Bots + Power Suit: At later-game, have a Mark 2 Power Suit, which is kit out with 2 Portable Fusion Reactors, 2 Mk2 Batteries, and at least 9 Shields. Batteries are utilized to recharge your shields.

Nothing can beat you if you combine a Combat Shotgun with Armor-Piercing Shotgun Shells, and Destroyer Bots. Poison Capsules are successful in eliminating large clumps of worms.

Factorio: Combat - Offense

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