Factorio: Hotbar, Hotkeys, Keyboard Tricks And Others

Factorio: Hotbar, Hotkeys, Keyboard Tricks And Others

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Hotbar, Hotkeys, and Keyboard Tricks

Hotbar & Hotkeys

  • Spot on the hot bar for specific items by middle clicking. (Clear the space with Ctrl and middle click). This way is helpful to resupply.
  • Hit 1-5 to select the top left row of items. Hit 1-5 + Shift for the top right row.
  • Tap the circle-arrow symbol or press X to transpose the top and the bottom.
  • Use Q key to clear all items from your hands.
  • The R key can rotate items. Besides, change the direction of underground belts with R.
  • Hit Spacebar to shoot, Q to cycle through weapons, Z to drop things on the floor or on the belt.
  • Shift + left click to take the whole stack. Use Alt + left click to take all types.
  • Press Ctrl and left click to take materials from a building. Ctrl and right click to take only half of materials.
  • Use Ctrl and left click to empty the inventory to a chest.
  • Use the same combo to fill assemblers with items.
  • Shift and right click to copy production/ pickup/ request/ limit types for various machines. Shift and left click to paste.
  • Split stacks with your hot bar.

Keyboard Tricks

  • Shoot rocks with your gun. Move over the rock, press C to fire. Drive your tank over them to do that.
  • Press C to fire the currently selected weapon.
  • Chose the item that you need to quickly load coal or other materials to buildings by pressing Ctrl and left click on the building.
  • Collect fishes by mining them with the right click. Eat them to restore a small part of health.

Additional Tips

Tree Removal

  • Chop trees with the pickaxe.
  • Shoot them with the submachine gun.
  • Use a Poison Capsule or Grenades.
  • Ram them with the tank.
  • Deconstruct trees with Roboport bots.
  • Or strafe the target in a wide line with the shotgun.

Factorio: Hotbar, Hotkeys, Keyboard Tricks And Others

  • Not only that, use the flamethrower.

Factorio: Hotbar, Hotkeys, Keyboard Tricks And Others


“How many people can be in a multiplayer game?”

– “>400 players at the same time, and 65,535 distinct players in the save file”

Source: https://forums.factorio.com/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=21771#p138313 & MMO YouTube Event.

Since version 0.13.x., you don’t need to have Port Forward. Just use the MP lobby or invite through Steam.

Editing Your Game

Use console commands will disable achievements.

You should notice when you open the console with the tilde key ‘~’. Press Enter to execute the command.

Change Player Color

  • It is useful for MP games. It changes the color of the turrets. (/color red)
  • Use standard colors like red, green, cyan, blue, yellow, white, etc. (/help color)

Players Online

  • Check how many players online (/p o c)

Change the Game Speed

  • Console Code (/c game.speed =)
  • Add a number behind it to change the speed. 1 is normal.

Daylight Always On

  • Console Code (/c game.surfaces[1].always_day=true)
  • “False” at the end can turn Always-On to Off and resume the normal cycle.

Creating Resources

  • At the end-game or when the factory grows, creating a very rich deposit can become a huge annoyance reducer. This command will cause a 21×21 tile area of copper ore with 75k ore per tile.
  • Console (/c local surface = game.player.surface; for y=-10,10 do for x=-10,10 do surface.create_entity({name=”copper-ore”, amount=75000, position={game.player.position.x+x, game.player.position.y+y}}) end end)
  • “copper-ore” will be replaced with iron-ore, stone, coal, crude-oil
  • You can stack ore fields.

Factorio: Hotbar, Hotkeys, Keyboard Tricks And Others

Changing Peaceful Mode Mid-game

  • Turn peaceful off by using /c game.player.surface.peaceful_mode = false
  • Turn it on with /c game.player.surface.peaceful_mode = true
  • After that, use /c game.forces[“enemy”].kill_all_units() to kill and reset biters.
  • Source:


Change the Evolution Factor

  • Check the current evolution factor with /evolution
  • Set the evolution factor with /c game.evolution_factor = 0.2

Zooming out of Normal Bounds

  • Zooming out too far will lead to performance slowdown (/c game.player.zoom = 0.1)
  • Zoom back by using the mouse wheel. To zoom further, change the value above.

Rocket Score

  • If you don’t want to see the rocket score in the UI, you can follow the console code: /c game.player.gui.left.rocket_score.destroy()

More Console Commands

More console commands are ready on the wiki[wiki.factorio.com].

Fun Stuff

  • Create a pipe Maze for your buddies.
  • Maximize the production with Speed Modules and see if the ore trains can keep up with it!
  • Make programming marvels with the logic or circuit system.
  • Design lettering with flooring that “can be seen from space!”

Factorio: Hotbar, Hotkeys, Keyboard Tricks And Others

Factorio: Hotbar, Hotkeys, Keyboard Tricks And Others

  • Build an amusement park with curly conveyor constructions, spinning radar, sparkling accumulators, flashing lights!

Factorio: Hotbar, Hotkeys, Keyboard Tricks And Others

Many thanks for reading!

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