Factorio: Map Generation

Factorio: Map Generation

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Map Generation

Map generator in Factorio game is a big table including a lot of various options of frequency, size, richness and much more. After you finish the tutorials which are marked as Campaign, you can get the basics. Then, you will be able to start a new game. Factorio is an exciting game which will provide to players a list of starting parameters which can affect manifold worlds.

Factorio: Map Generation

The Options

  • Water: Water is a very important for any player in Factorio game. It will indicate how large lakes are. Pick “In Starting Area Only” and you can detain yourself in the area that you will be only supplied with water. It can become a disadvantage for massive factories.
  • Iron Ore, Copper Ore, Stone, Coal, Crude Oil:
    • Frequency in the map generator is the item that refers to how often you see these deposits on a landscape.
    • Meanwhile, size tells how much square area on the map that they will dominate per deposit.
    • Richness shows how much ore in each personal square will have.
    • Besides, frequency and size own an algorithmic relationship. You should not expect any huge ore patch if you pick High (frequency) and Very Big (size). You can see more about this at [https://steamcommunity.com/linkfilter/?url=https://steamcommunity.com/linkfilter/?url=https://wiki.factorio.com/index.php?title=World_generator]
    • So, if you want to keep moving, you can select Low Frequency, Size, and Richness. They allow you to build train line frequently until you reach a more distant ore sources. In case you like to stay at home, you can increase these to High. You can use Low frequency, Very Big Size, and High Richness. They can give you the momentum to develop trains to distant outposts while you can move miners continuously when deposits are exhausted.
  • Enemy Bases: They have one difference that is in the Richness variable. A High Richness value will supply more Alien Artifacts per alien settlement. You shouldn’t choose None (size). Alien artifacts are necessary to research late-game items. Clearing aliens will make you get trouble when you’d like to complete your challenge. There is a better choice called Peaceful Mode for you if you are gun-shy.
  • Starting Area: It is the alien-free zone. It surrounds your start location. The larger area will hide bigger conflicts. The own pollution loud can occupy a huge amount of space before it hits a single alien settlement. It means that you are going to travel very far to gather alien artifacts.
  • Peaceful Mode: Enable this mode to walk among biters in peace. The enemy in Factorio game will only attack you if you attack them first. Additionally, these creatures will not intrude your base.
  • Map Width & Height: This lets you specify a fixed map size if you want. When you put in a value for one and leave the other blank, you can create a long strip of land known as Ribbon World.
  • Map Exchange String: It helps you share maps with friends.
    • To find the string for your map, you can go to the Load Game dialogue.
    • Then, choose the game whose string that you are looking for. Click the Map Exchange String button in the lower left corner.
    • When the string pops up, you need to copy and paste it in the map generator or send it to a friend.


Factorio: Map Generation

Is the map in Factorio steam infinite? Functionally, it can stretch about 2 million tiles in every direction.

It’s time to come back to Factorio game and check the map generation! Hope you will explore much more about this interesting feature! Have fun!

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