Factorio: Modules, Vehicles, Roboports – The Basics

Factorio: Modules, Vehicles, Roboports – The Basics

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Module is a crucial aspect of Factorio download. They can adjust your experience. At mid-game, they will become expensive when they are research.


  • Efficiency (green): They will reduce the energy usage, max of 80% reduction.
  • Speed (blue): They will increase the pace of increased energy usage.
  • Productivity (purple): They will rise up the productivity of increased energy usage and slower speed.

Efficiency Modules

Use Efficiency modules for all.

For machines with 3-4 slots like Mining Drills, Assemblers, and so on, use 3 level 1 efficiency modules to acquire the max 80% reduction bonus.

Use 2 level 2 efficiency modules for machines with 2 module slots such as Chemical Plants, Electric Furnaces, Refineries, and so on.

Set down modules in machines running all the time and or get high energy usage.

Other Module Usage

There are many locations for Productive or Speed Modules, especially for the rare or resource-intensive products and labs. Use 1 level modules and replace it with level 3s.

  • Purple Science: Place 4 Level 3 Productivity Modules to make returns greater.
  • Labs: Use 2 Level 3 Productivity Modules, put labs around a Beacon having 2 Level 3 Speed Modules to maintain the speed.

Factorio: Modules, Vehicles, Roboports - The Basics

  • Processing Units (blue chips): They are the resource to produce. You are recommended to use 3 Level 3 Productivity Modules and 1 Level 3 Speed Module.

Factorio: Modules, Vehicles, Roboports - The Basics

  • Level 1 Speed Module Assembler: It needs 4 Level 3 Speed Modules.
  • Pumpjacks: Use 2 Level 3 Speed Modules which are seeded up by Beacons with Level 3 Speed Modules.
  • (Cracking) Chemical Plants & Refineries: Put in Productivity Modules to improve the production. Manage to take over the pollution and power.

Factorio: Modules, Vehicles, Roboports - The Basics


  • Load the tank or car with fuel and ammo. The fuel for your vehicles includes wood, coal, solid fuel, and more.
  • Walk near and press Enter key to get in the door.
  • Hit W t go forward, S to come back, A to turn left, D to turn right.
  • Tanks can remove trees. Do that by holding the track piece behind you when you barrel close trees.
  • Store extra stuff in the trunk. If your vehicles are destroyed, these items will be lost. They are advantageous to build remote outposts.

Factorio: Modules, Vehicles, Roboports - The Basics

  • Be wary when you load the vehicle with inserters because it will make full the entire trunk!
  • Having a requester chest in the parking lot is a good option.

Factorio: Modules, Vehicles, Roboports - The Basics

  • Repair them with repair kits. The vehicles can be auto-repaired by bots if you get a Personal Roboport in the modular armor and some construction bots and repair kits in the inventory.
  • Armor-piercing Ammo is much better than the regular Ammo.
  • Drive carefully!
  • Exit the tank or car to use the repair kit.

Roboports – The Basics

The Logistics Network will automate the factory in many unique ways. Flying robots will erect new buildings, deliver materials, repair defense, and so on. When the factory grows, they are compulsory. Be careful! Usages can break the factory.


Carry out the production for Robots. Flying robot frames are functional to get automated due to they will take you a very long time to craft.

Place a Roboport on the ground:

  • The Orange Square in the center is the Logistics coverage. You can explore everything in these chests there.
  • The Green Square is the Construction zone. Bots can put up and repair items in this area.

Factorio: Modules, Vehicles, Roboports - The Basics

Connect another Roboport and lay the next one close enough.

There is a dotted line between connected buildings.

Finish a network by using a grid-like pattern and supply the power for your Roboports.

Factorio: Modules, Vehicles, Roboports - The Basics

Roboports will apply an amount of power. It will drain the power system quickly.

Disconnected Ports

Having logistics systems separate from each other gives you an advantage of robots staying at the home port for supplies and maintenance.

This is the most effective example of a distant ore outpost:

Factorio: Modules, Vehicles, Roboports - The Basics

Walls will be covered. Trains will accept regular shipments of Repair Kits.

Construction Robots will fix damaged walls or turrets by biters.

Factorio: Modules, Vehicles, Roboports - The Basics

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