Factorio: Personal Roboport And Diagnosing Network Problems With Movement Speed

Factorio: Personal Roboport And Diagnosing Network Problems With Movement Speed

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Personal Roboport and Diagnosing Network Problems

Personal Roboport

It is a module inserted into a Power Suit. Use it to construct outside the main network. Keep a stack of Construction Robots in the inventory.

Factorio: Personal Roboport And Diagnosing Network Problems With Movement Speed

  • A single Roboport allows you to have a green construction area of 30×30 tiles. Adding more Roboports will increase the size.
  • Each Personal Roboport gives you 10 robots. They will stack with additional Personal Roboports.
  • Each Personal Roboport grants you 2 charging stations to recharge.

Factorio: Personal Roboport And Diagnosing Network Problems With Movement Speed

The clear benefit of Personal Roboports is to construct outside the main network. It is great for outpost locations.

Personal Roboports can repair your tank or car out of the field. Don’t leave your robots behind! If they run out of charge, they will walk with difficulty.

Problems in the network

  • If you store insufficient items, you will get many beeping messages.
  • If bots are hanging in the air, the area Roboport will lose power. Reconnect to make them keep moving.
  • If they are near the Roboport, they may be waiting for a charging station.
  • While bots are hovering around chests, they can be waiting for an empty storage space. Just build more storage. Active Provider Chests will exacerbate this situation.
  • Have enough bots to place items when you build large construction frequently.
  • Biters can attack bots.

Movement Speed

Increase the speed in various methods:

  • Covering the ground with Stone Bricks will help you run faster. Concrete will give you an additional boost

Factorio: Personal Roboport And Diagnosing Network Problems With Movement Speed

  • Stone Blocks or Concrete can be used to pave in both large and small quantities. Change the brush size with the numpad + and – keys.
  • Running on conveyor belts lets you move quicker.
  • Use vehicles to pass over the terrain.
  • Trains have better pace!
  • Building Exoskeletons for your Power Suit will rise up the running speed.

Factorio: Personal Roboport And Diagnosing Network Problems With Movement Speed

Usages of the Logic System


  • Craft wires to join items together.
  • Connect wires to power poles to bridge gaps if the items are not in range.
  • Red or green are their own networks. Count items having the specific colors will be connected.
  • Belts, chests, tanks, inserters, Roboports, etc. can be connected to the circuit network.
  • Some entities like Accumulators & Roboports can send special the signal.

Limiting Production, Part 1: I Want This Many

  • You sometimes may want to limit the production to specific items.
  • In this example, you will limit the production of Roboports to 3 units
  • Put an inserter and a chest next to the Roboport assembler.
  • Craft a red or green wire and connect the inserter to the chest by holding the wire in your hands and left clicking on the chest and inserter.
  • Choose the inserter and take a look at the Circuit Network Condition line.
  • In the empty square, pick Roboports. Next, change the symbol to

factorio game

Limiting Production, Part 2: Only More Than

  • It will involve modules. Explore at least 50 level 1 green modules in the chest before level 2 maker takes them out.

Limit the stack size through chests by using the red X button on the corner.

factorio game

  • In the picture below, you can see the Level 1 Module Assemblers and an inserter empties their production into a chest. Above the chest, an inserter ferries modules to the Level 2 Assembler.
  • Have the chests limited to a 2 stack size to set up conditions. There are at least 50 modules for pickup.
  • The inserter has been connected to the chest with a red wire.
  • Set the inserter to trigger only when you have more than 50 level 1 modules in the chest.

factorio game

  • You will only activate when…
    • Balancing oil fractions can become tedious at times. It often experiences a buildup of one or another.
    • For this example, you need at least one tank for each of Petroleum and Light Oil. Use wires to link each oil tank together.
    • The Chemical plant can start cracking operations when Petroleum dips. So, you can create a connection of the Pump, the Light Oil Tank and the Petroleum Tank.
      Settle the variable to activate when Petroleum < Light Oil.
    • The tank should be connected with pipes to the Refiners. Pipes which carrying Light Oil to subsequent Chemical Plants have to connect past the pump. You can control the flow without more Light Oil.

factorio game

  • Besides, you can connect pumps to the oil input of individual cracking plant if the system is established in a more homogenous way. Wire them to tanks and copy settings between them.

Accumulator Priority

  • Connect one accumulator to an Offshore Pump through a red or green wire.
  • Set the Accumulator to Read Charge Level and take notes the Symbol it sends. It is “A”.
  • Make the condition on the Offshore Pump to A < 5. It means that they will only pump water if the charge of the accumulator is less than 5%. Change this value if necessary.
  • Copy this setting to every offshore Pump.

factorio game

Logic: More Advanced (now with Combinators!)

If it’s true, you can use the logic circuit pathways to make every kind of mini program within the system. It is a practical example in Factorio steam game where you can find Heavy Oil, which should be cracked into Light oil when reaching two different conditions.


  • Decider on the right: Input connects to Light Oil and Heavy Oil Tanks (green) while Output links to the Decider (red). Conditions: Heavy Oil > Light Oil. Thus, Output is Yellow Square.
  • Decider in the middle: Connect input to Heavy Oil Tank (green), and Output to the Decider (red). Conditions: Heavy Oil > 1000. Output is Yellow Square.
  • Decider on the left: Input is connected to both Deciders on the right. Output is connected to the Pump on the Heavy Oil tank (green). Conditions: Yellow Square = 2. Output is Green Square.
  • Pump: Input is connected to the Decider on the left. Condition: Green Square > 0.

factorio game

How it works:

  • Place a Constant Combinator, which is a testing module used to check the logic networks or change product numbers.
  • Connect Constant Combinator output to the inputs to test and view if conditions will work.
  • Set the values on Constant Combinator to Heavy Oil = 2k, Light Oil = 500.
  • The right and middle Deciders, whose condition is met.
  • The Decider on the left will get both Yellow Square signals.
  • The pumps will obtain this signal. It turns on when a value of 1 green signal is more than 0.


The Yellow and Green Square signals are chosen accidentally. There are many signals. They are just signal, not numbers.

It can help you pick out the abstract signals.

Choose anything you like so that signals will match between Combinators.

factorio game


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