Factorio Version 0.14.20

Factorio Version 0.14.20

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Version 0.14.20

Version 0.14.20 is one of the latest update improving many critical issues in the Factorio game as well as bring to players many positive changes.

Factorio Version 0.14.20


  • Fixed LuaSurface::can_place_entity which didn’t operate for any tile ghost
  • Fixed curved rails which wouldn’t provide the correct result as the enemy forces
  • Fixed the bug where searching in the technology GUI didn’t work in some situations
  • Fixed the issue that the config option other.use_version_filter_in_browse_games_gui failed to fulfill on Linux
  • Fixed E (close GUI) when it couldn’t be utilized when numeric input fields were adapted
  • Fixed the bug that disabling the recipe groups in settings disabled subgroups, too.
  • Fixed the problem involving the changelog GUI which let you edit the read-only text
  • Aside from that, again fixed the bug that the natural signal direction was not selected primarily when the two-way signal and the normal signal could be constructed at the same position.
  • Fixed that trouble where deactivated belts would sometimes move the item if they were linked to Underground Belts or Loaders
  • Fixed the multiplayer game that could crash at random because of the packet fragmentation implementation problem


  • Added LuaPlayer::disable_recipe_subgroups.
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