Factorio Version 0.14.21

Factorio Version 0.14.21

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Version 0.14.21


Factorio Version 0.14.21

There are many fixes that you can pay attention. All of them are improvements so as to improve your experience when you embark on Factorio game. This is the list of bugfixes that you can refer. It will consist:

  • Fixed the bug that the Factorio game could get crashed when it didn’t exist from the matching server before any detail of the game’s request was displayed.
  • Fixed the issue where the number keys got trouble when they didn’t work so that you could control your game and your character.
  • Addition to this, fixed the crash when you decided to merge forces that you had while a player in one the force to be cleared was crafting some items.
  • Fixed the bug of the game which would get stuck in the main menu once you took part in the game on Steam failed for some unknown reasons.
  • Possibly fixed save corruption when the roboport was eliminated while the robot was repairing it.

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