Factorio Version 0.14.22

Factorio Version 0.14.22

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Version 0.14.22

The Factorio version is an effort of developers so as to give fans of the game another useful improvement as well as a better experience.

Factorio Version 0.14.22


  • Fixed the bug where desync related to building the rail signals. According to some reports, setting the rail chain signal causes the desync. Even, this bug was reproduced three times. But, this doesn’t occur like that when two signals are put in the opposite order. When desync happens, the chain signal will disappear and the regular signal is not be rotated.
  • Fixed the issue where the multiplayer map download got stuck at 100% while using some broken routers. There were plenty of ideas and reports mentioned in the forum at here. They showed the problem involved the multiplayer map download there. Fortunately, everything that they asked has been resolved.
  • Finally, limit maximum texture size the game will use 16384×16384 pixels.

To make the Factorio download game become easier, developers always attempt to work hard in order to upgrade or remove bugs. Please follow us to catch up with the most helpful news!

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