Factorio version 0.14 – Now stable

Factorio version 0.14 – Now stable

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Factorio version 0.14 – Now stable

Factorio game is a great adventure in which you have to survive, defend, build, and develop. To make the experience more interesting, patches and updates are also continuously launched to meet needs. The latest version 0.14 is one of the releases like that. However, it is stable. You can receive many new features, usability improvements, fixes for all reported bugs. The following major additions will help you know more about the version.

Factorio version 0.14

Reworked Multiplayer

In Factorio game, players can use an improved multiplayer module which has been redone. The problem related to speed, scalability, and stability is adjusted. Aside from that, you can find other improvements to the general user experience. Servers can support your game with a lot of concurrent players, for example, the event hosted by a player named Factorio Mass Multiplayer Session 2. Besides, the big events will bring plenty of feedbacks for user improvements to the developer. Meanwhile, browsing and joining public or LAN games are made directly from the dialog in Factorio. So, the process of creating, joining and playing the game are done and changed. Even, they run smoother. The Production challenge Multiplayer scenario is shipped directly with the game as a small bonus.

Train System improvements

The train system now has a big change for the gameplay and user experience aspects. The model and sprite for the locomotive and cargo wagon are redesigned, too. You will have a new locomotive GUI and train stop GUI, a rebalanced max speed, an acceleration system, a different train overview screen. Setting up the rails and junctions are also semi-automated. These changes make the train system of sizes become much easier for you to construct and control.

Steam achievements

There are 38 achievements in Factorio game for you to unlock. They contain speedrun challenges, production milestones, and limitation which based on accolades. You should attempt to earn something more valuable.

Technology tree

The new technology GUI will let you have the natural viewing, choosing, and browsing of technologies and prerequisites. In other words, it is the mod compatible system that you can utilize to possess the most complex research paths which will be shown in the simple format as well as make the option the path without many difficulties.

Circuit network extension

There is a great adjustment revolving around the number of possibilities with the circuit network. It increases exponentially together with the added circuit connectable entities. The most remarkable features of this extension for Factorio games coming from the ability which connecting transporting belts and inserters to the circuit network. From that, you are able to link train stops, power switches, accumulators, gates, rail signals and much more items in the future altogether.

Much more

There are many surprises waiting for you in the update consisting of flamethrower turrets and fire spreading along with more realistic map generation, or accessible mod portal, the blueprint book, and so on.

Remember to check more planned updates!

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