Friday Facts #159 – Research Revolution

Friday Facts #159 – Research Revolution

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Friday Facts #159 – Research Revolution

Research revolution

Rebalancing the science packs in Factorio game is the first thing wanted to do when the 0.15 started. The science pack 1 and 2 are right. But, the level 3 (blue) is a big jump in complexity while the alien science pack is normal. It is the good time to improve science packs. After many discussions, science packs are made not so linear and more iterative. The current working version looks like this:

Friday Facts #159 - Research Revolution

And the prices of the science packs are changeable when they are checked. The first version is:

Friday Facts #159 - Research Revolution

To make every stage in the reassigning the science packs to technologies easier, the postponed feature of showing the needed science packs on the technology icon is finally accomplished. Technologies are sorted by the highest science pack needed:


Icons can change. A late game science setup will look like this:


PvP scenario

Klonan will bring to you this exciting paragraph.
Since the multiplayer in version 0.11 for Factorio download game was added, the concept of a player vs player experience in Factorio game has been there. From the first time, there was a mod which puts players alternately on the player and the enemy force. Then, players will fight it out with a few added craftable biter capsules. The forces system was expanded with 0.12. This will help players create and assign forces. Aside from that, it allows players to own up to 254 different teams in a single game. But you know, PvP is falling at the first hurdle. It means that it will need multiple players. The issue will concentrate on the peer-to-peer multiplayer. Meanwhile, the actual experience is not ideal. The success of the team production challenge and the MMO server tests in the recent time lets the proper conditions build up an official PvP mode.

After being worked on the foundation for this new scenario cooperated with ideas relating to how specifically it will work, this is what you have:

  • The gamemaster is the first player able to create the scenario for Factorio game. This character will establish configuration options like the number of teams or the starting tech level and much more.
  • The original starting area will be copied and added to the new teams spawn positions. Each of them will be identical to the other.
  • Every starting area will consist of a rocket silo.
  • If your rocket silo is destroyed, the own team will lose.
  • If you launch a rocket, you will win.
  • If all of the other team’s silos are destroyed, all of their bases will belong to you.

For other specific details, there is not any good idea. Two main ideas help them spectate players or join another team which didn’t defeat them. There is another problem is that copying the starting area directly will become strange.

Friday Facts #159 - Research Revolution

Custom maps in Factorio steam are nice and simple.

Liquid wagon

This Liquid wagon will look like this:

Friday Facts #159 - Research Revolution



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