How to construct a Main Bus in Factorio

How to construct a Main Bus in Factorio

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Factorio is a famous building game that gives you a chance to build up your new world using many various useful components. Constructing a Main Bus is one of the most interesting activities in Factorio game. With this Main Bus, you are enabled to get to a huge amount of materials via your factory. But if you don’t know how to create it, then you can check out the detailed guide below. You will have a chance to learn about setting up a Main Bus system, along with many stuff.

Before getting straight to the guide, you need to be aware what the main bus is! This is known as one of the most commonly-utilized blueprints because of its easy usage and adaptability. You will be able to construct an effective factory using a Main Bus, then your factory can provide you with any stuff you want and need.

Starting to build a Main Bus

At the early stage of the game, you will play as a transporter who needs to transfer things and other stuff between the chests.

You are supposed to construct an electric setup as soon as you can, then try to make electric mining drills get to the furnaces’ supply lines.

The initial lines of furnaces are considered as the starting process of your Main Bus. Once beginning to use the conveyor belts, you are supposed to utilize a Main Bus. Do not postpone it or else you’re just wasting your time in trying to make short-term lines.



At the very beginning of the game, you need to organize the route that your main bus will go. Basically, you would want it to move into a direct line in a horizontal and vertical way.

You need to have a look at your map, then select a vast place that can be extended in at least one directionHow to construct a Main Bus in Factorio

The possible beginning zones and directions for the Main Bus are illustrated by the yellow arrows. You must get a careful and smart pick, which will bring you a bunch of room to extend.


These products below are extremely crucial to the main bus blueprint:

  • Iron Plates x2 (recommend x4)
  • Copper Plates x2 (recommend x4)
  • Steel Plates x1 (recommend x2)
  • Green Circuits x2 (recommend x4)
  • Red Circuits (Advanced Circuits) x1 (recommend x2)
  • Blue Circuits (Processing Units) x1
  • Plastic x1 (recommend x2)
  • Batteries x1
  • Lubricant (via pipe)
  • Sulfuric Acid (via pipe)

Belt Structure

There are plenty of various structures that can be utilized for the main bus blueprint. There were several players who have combined all lanes, well, that’s not a quite good idea, so you can take a look at this high recommendation. This structure includes 4 belts, 2 spaces, 4 belts, 2 spaces, etc. With this one, you are able to divide from one belt group’s side, take the leave from the room for setting down an underground belt, while being sufficiently tight to permit the undergrounds to cross free.

You don’t have to construct all the belts at first, all you need to do is to create a placeholder that has one square of belts for every single line.

Every land can be signed with a slice of material. For releasing it, you need to keep it in your hand, release it with key Z.

With the markers, you won’t forget where you need to go.

Feeding the Bus

Belt Balancers

Prior to putting it on the line, you need to keep a belt balanced for flattening it. There are plenty of balancers for you to use and flatten the lanes before reaching the Main Bus.

Corner balancer

How to construct a Main Bus in Factorio


Direct/in-line balancer

Steel is stabilized every belt before it is blended and reaches the Main Bus.

Lane Balancers

After getting on the Main Bus, if you possess 2 lanes, you can utilize a common splitter for stabilizing products. But, if you have more than 2 lanes, probably you should think about utilizing a structure that is even better than a spam of splitters so that you can split the items easily between the belts.

This is an example of 4-lane splitter:



A bunch of lanes but the production is still insufficient.

The bus needs to be fed from the furnaces creating iron and copper plates. When starting to settle the bus using many products, you need to be sure that the splitters are used to give out some of each to all planned belts.

Launching Intermediate Products

The middle products require other middle products to be created. It’s not hard to add these, especially when you get an allowed space for them. When every assembly line comes to an end, you need to be sure that our belts are balanced prior to being put on the line.


You are able to attach products mid-line even if their contents move into the opposing direction:

How to construct a Main Bus in Factorio

Adding Liquids

The liquids mostly are nearby the oil processing location. You can add the following stuff to the Main Bus:

Lubricant: It is utilized in creating Electric Engine & Express level belts, splitters as well as undergrounds.

Sulfuric Acid: It is utilized for the batteries and Processing Units (Blue Circuits)

Hauling from the Bus

The assembly lines are known as the perfect place for them to rush to the Main Bust at right angles. This will permit the extension of the systems to happen, which makes hauling from the Bus easier.

Lots of various products have the same middle product needs, hence, they can split the input lines easily.

Full Lane Crack Off

If you want to put down one material, you need to place a splitter on the line, and after that, you transfer it to the location you want by utilizing undergrounds.

How to construct a Main Bus in Factorio


Below is the initial stage of a full belt crack off. You must always keep in mind that you have to keep the Main Bus Lines rebalanced.

If you are trying to haul from a center lane, you should utilize undergrounds to enable the remaining products on the way.


If the assembly lines have several spaces, the extension can happen! In between the factories are many chests, which permits the effective space usage.

Two-material Crack

A single belt bringing two lanes of various materials is considered as the huge majority of the cracks from Main Bus. It’s a nice design which permits you to supply with 8 discrepant intermediate products with basic inserter structures.

Your objective is to make a texture like this: two belts sticking to one lane, which will create a T shape where the belts come across. Every belt can release onto the side when they are put this way.


You should begin with the location of the belt nearby the assembler and work rearwards.

Take the belt to the target lane, begin to crack off, be sure that you create the T shape already prior to attaching it so that the product is able to fill up one side of the belt.


After that, return from the second side of T-intersection to obtain the second substance.



Once cracking off to the side, you are supposed to keep the belts balanced once again so that you can give more back to the lane that you have just taken from.

You need to utilize a common splitter on a line that has two belts.

Be sure that the belt that is at the furthest distance from the split is able to feed into the corner that you break from. Hence, 3 splitters are highly recommended to utilize for routing the resources to return to the lane.

How to construct a Main Bus in Factorio


Primary Split Off


How to construct a Main Bus in Factorio

Adding in splitters


The arrows display the direction that the product movement will follow. Right after the crack off on lane 4, the product movement is able to move from lane 1 to lane 4, and the product of all lines will be refilled.

If all your lanes are unbalanced, you may think about putting in a suitable 4 lane belt balancer. Doing so will help divide the products equivalently.


Below here is another instance of dividing two products off the Main Bus:

How to construct a Main Bus in Factorio

Splitting Off

Attaching the refilling splitters

Don’t perform Underground Splits!

The quick and dirty method is a way of utilizing an underground belt for drawing from the crack, but if you follow this way, you should learn that only one half of the belt is hauled, causing various bad issues relating to balance because the splitter won’t offset.

The Undergrounds can get helpful occasionally

You can utilize an underground belt on the line whenever you want to divide two products from a belt and a complete throughput.

Pulling apart 1 lane from the belt:

How to construct a Main Bus in Factorio


Pulling apart both lanes:

How to construct a Main Bus in Factorio


Example Assembly Lines

Let’s check out several instances about Assembly Line for you to begin:

Red & Green Science

  • Red Science requires Gear & Copper for designing
  • Put Assemblers: 1 designing Iron Gear Wheels, 6-8 creating Red Science
  • 2 rows of belts need to be placed along the assemblers. Then, another one is put along the assemblers’ output side
  • Now, 2 quick inserters must be put in, 1 will move out of the Gear Wheel assembler. Then, you need to put a common inserter and a long-armed one for feeding every Science assembler.
  • You need to crack off the copper plates for the furthest belt from the assembler.
  • A half land of iron plates needs to be broken off for the closer belt to the assembler.

Green Science requires the belts and inserters for designing.

  • Put Assemblers, including 1 designing Iron Gear Wheels, 1 every for belts and assemblers, and 8-10 will be for Green Science. These needs to be put away from the Red Science output belt one tile.
  • 2 rows of belts need to be put by the side of gear, inserter, along with belt assemblers. After that, snaking belt taking to the Green Science assemblers must be put just the screenshot as shown below.
  • Put the inserters.
  • Crack off the green circuits from the belt that is at the furthest distance from the assembler.
  • A half lane of iron plates needs to be broken off for the closer belt to the assembler.
  • Now, two science packs could move together on the similar belt.

Belt Array

Put the assemblers in the pattern just like a grid, then attach the belts, inserters and power poles.

The chests are able to transfer items and give out a collection location for the pickup.

The iron needs to be divided into two places, and green circuits’ half belt.

Be sure that you already make room for a lubricant pipe for providing the blue belt assemblers.



It’s not sort of hard to establish modules

You need to crack off a complete belt of red circuits for getting to the assemblers.

Green and blue circuits have the same line for going in.


Preserving the Bus

Be sure that you keep your belts rebalanced once cracking from them.

You need to start improving the belts when you need a larger amount of items.

Just run along a line keep the mouse button for putting the belts on the peak of current ones. Doing so will help improve the belts easily. The splitters and undergrounds can be replaced by putting the enhanced versions on the peak of the ancient one.

It’s so easy to expand the bus with the designs when obtaining robots.

Attach more production for making your belts full of intermediate products: like Copper and Iron, Plate, Steel, Green Circuits and so on.

The Concrete or Stone Brick is put under several lanes of the bus and place them in one of the rooms between the lanes. Doing so will bring you a nice speed boost when operating.

If you think that you really need an additional element for some items, there will be two options for you. You can get a line to the main bus’s side, finishing it at the assemblers, or bring the materials in through robots as well as requester chests.

Science & the Bus

The science pack production can take out of the main bus easily for getting a broad system.

How to construct a Main Bus in Factorio

Getting out of the Bus

When you want to get a lot of materials, and they become extremely large, you probably think about getting some production out of the bus and providing it in from other zones. These assemblies can be constructed off to the side, or the players can move the product using the train when they don’t have enough room left nearby the starting of the factory.


Useful Tips

Copper Cables: Copper Cables can be considered as a common material that is highly required for green circuits, but they are kind of ineffective to the belt. Using 1 copper plate is enough to create 2 copper cables.

Coal, Stone, Stone Bricks: These stuff are not utilized in many products and they are useless in utilizing lanes for the Main Bus, You can use the conveyor belts or logistics bots to take them in one the side.

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