Version 0.14.12

Version 0.14.12

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Version 0.14.12

Factorio is an awesome base-building strategy game. However, this game is inevitable imperfections. Version 0.14.12 will give you plenty of necessary improvements. The first thing will revolve around in-game changes.



  • Settings in Factorio game are now possible for you to set only in the server settings: allow_commands – default is “admins-only” autosave_interval – default is 10 autosave_slots – default is 5 afk_autokick_interval – default is 0 auto_pause – default is true
  • Secondly, the heavy mode command is added or toggled. It can be used to open files which let developers investigate server in a state that all of the new players receive a desync loop.
  • Finally, desync reports are much bigger. And they are more useful.

Next, we will learn more about fixes in this version for Factorio game.


  • The trains are fixed so that they will slowly forward when they are stopped at a signal. Visit the forum to see more.
  • It’s expected to fix Lua desyncs which are caused by string formatting functions that become different on different platforms.
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