Version 0.14.13

Version 0.14.13

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Version 0.14.13

In the version 0.14.13 for Factorio game, there are many useful changes and improvements. You can start to learn more about this version with changes.

Version 0.14.13


  • Now, the /config command can work through /config get and /config set.
  • Many options are added to the /config command such as allow-commands, max-upload-speed, autosave-interval, afk-auto-kick, verify-user-identity, only-admins-can-pause, ignore-player-limit-for-returning-players.
  • The tab-complete parameters logic is added to the following commands like config, color, and help.
  • Team production challenge with 2 new challenge modes and a new map set are improved and updated.
  • The previous connection is closed by reconnecting to the multiplayer game that players already are in.



There are plenty of fixed bugs and issues which used to happen to Factorio game. They are:


  • Added the read property LuaEntity::has_direction
  • Added LuaTile::hidden_tile
  • Also, added LuaTile::hidden_tile
  • Provide the ability to use LuaSurface::get_tile(0, 0) or LuaSurface::get_tile({0, 0}) when getting tiles
  • Added LuaGameScript::connected_players read and LuaForce::connected_players read


  • Added the function which you can check the selection box contains the [0, 0] point
  • If you want to check experimental updates in other settings, you can use the automatic updater. Download the full installation at (
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