Version 0.14.14

Version 0.14.14

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Version 0.14.14

We will learn about changes in Factorio game first. See if what they contain.


  • Now, you can find “Show player names on minimap” option easily. It has been added to graphics settings.
  • Not only that, the multiplayer server option “Autosave only on server” is also added to the game.
  • And deconstructing or canceling deconstruction will set the last user on an entity.

So, there are three changes for Factorio game. The next item will talk about optimizations.


  • The performance is improved much more to the trains GUI.
  • Besides, the performance in the browse-mods GUI when filtering or sorting is improved, too.

A large number of bugs will be fixed to help Factorio game run better.



  • Changed the name of LuaInventory::has_filters to LuaInventory::supports_filters
  • Added LuaInventory::is_filtered
  • Removed LuaEntity::has_direction as LuaEntity::supports_direction from Factorio game

If you use the automatic updater, you can check experimental updates in other settings. You can download full installation at if you want.

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