Version 0.14.15

Version 0.14.15

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Version 0.14.15

Version 0.14.15 includes many essential changes, improvements, fixes, and an exciting scripting for the popular Factorio game. We will talk about changes in this version first.

Version 0.14.15


  • The browse-mods GUI by downloading mods while you are trying to browse the mods list is improved.
  • Additionally, the delete-mod functionality in the installed-mods GUI is also changed and improved.
  • Besides, achievements unlocked topically without picking steam are unlocked on steam when the Factorio game is begun in steam mode.
  • Not only that, storage tanks which are connected to the circuit network will provide floored fluid values instead of rounding.

Next, we will move to bugfixes. They contain many interesting changes.


  • Firstly, fixed the issue that biters could occasionally attack non-polluting units.
  • Secondly, added the command line option where secures to pick out an IP address to host a game.
  • Aside from that, fixed the bug where different capitalization of the same user could be utilized to join Factorio steam twice and avoid the ban list or escape admin list. In addition to this, you can find many fixes next.
  • Fixed fluid information which would be returned two times when alt-info was on while you were moving the cursor over many assembling machines.
  • Fixed the problem where you could not connect to too many mods at a time
  • Fixed the crash when you pasted huge strings into mod GUIs
  • Turned the clear blueprint icon into the trash can icon and brought it to the left of the cancel button so that you can’t be confused anymore
  • Fixed the possible leak of information box windows when you close Factorio download
  • Fixed PRINTSCREEN and SCROLLLOCK where they didn’t run as keybinds
  • Fixed map download limit where it didn’t work for speeds under 101 KB/s

Finally, we will learn more about scripting in version 0.14.15


  • Added LuaSurface.set_chunk_generated_status()
  • And, added defines.chunk_generated_status

If you want to update experimental releases, you should select the “experimental” beta branch under Factorio’s properties in Steam. It’s time to come back your favorite Factorio game and enjoy the own challenge with these improvements. Hopefully, you will be successful to defend against the locals and build up the strongest machine empire. You will soon recognize that “no other game in the history of gaming handles the logistics side of management simulator so perfectly.” (Reddit) Let’s play and try your best to achieve the target without any delay! Wish you will become the top player in the short time! Have fun!

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