Factorio Version 0.14.17

Factorio Version 0.14.17

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Version 0.14.17Version 0.14.17

Version 0.14.17 brings to your favorite Factorio game many useful bugfixes and changes.


Fixed the bug related to the Quickbar cleaning would not operate when taking part of the stack
Fixed the mod browser which sorting the column was not ignored after you use the search
Additionally, fixed Has Mods filter in browse games GUI.
Not only that, fixed the error where you got the notification involving you couldn’t open the enemy structures that they would show when it was impossible to unlock any GUI for the entity.
Currently, it’s not possible for you to switch the install-mods screen while mods are awaiting deletion.
Fixed constant combinator which ignoring the item_slot_count prototype change after you create

Readjusted map transfer algorithm

Hope these improvements and changes will make your experience much better. Come back to your game and fight in your way right now! Have much fun!

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