Factorio Version 0.14.18

Factorio Version 0.14.18

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Version 0.14.18Version 0.14.18

Version 0.14.18 is the new exciting update for the Factorio game. They contain bugfixes and some small features.


  • There are many helpful improvements that you should pay attention to such as:
  • Fixed Supply scenario GUI when you take part in multiplayer match
  • Fixed unresearchable gates technology in New hope campaign level 1
  • Besides, you can realize the fix for bug where LAN games were canceled.
  • Also, fixed crash when you tried to remove items robots that held through script
  • Maybe fixed xrandr which involved crash on Linux

Minor features

  • The minimum_latency_in_ticks have been added to the server settings for the headless server as well as into config for starting the game from GUI.

Eventually, the enemy players who are seen on the map when the chunk are also being charted. A radar or player is displaying it.

Hope you will have better experiences when playing Factorio game!

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